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    John Barber|Updated Apr 20, 2023

    Good old U.S. 50 is a great alternative to cross the Colorado Rockies rather than the mind-numbing Interstate 70 where “no stopping any time” signs accompany you to the designated stopping points for a view. I was standing on the continental divide in the Colorado Rockies. Monarch Pass (11,3112’ elevation). On a convenient forest road, I had gone a short distance off the highway to absorb the beauty of the spot. A large wet meadow area straddles the divide, which is clearly visible as a gentle slope dropping east and west fro...

  • 2023

    John Barber|Updated Jan 12, 2023

    We are celebrating a new year on our Gregorian calendar, 2023. This number counts the duration of our particular Western European culture. The bigger the number, the longer we have lasted. It is, though, just a number. If it wasn’t for Pope Gregory, that number would be different. Until then we were operating on the Julian calendar initiated by Julius Caesar. On that calendar the dates of the Solstices and Equinoxes drifted over time. The Pope was most interested in keeping Easter near the Spring Equinox and the old pagan r...


    John Barber|Updated Sep 15, 2022

    Big Bwaja was content in this moment. He just felt like resting in the shade for a while. Lately, he enjoyed resting alone and thinking of scenes from his long life. He was contented being alone for many years now, ever since his last great battle with the huge young Jumbaba. He had to retreat in defeat, and knew then that his reign was over and it was time for retirement. These years had been good for him, though. He had a great knowledge of all the best spots in the region. He knew the best locations to be at as the changin...

  • Spring 2022

    John Barber|Updated Apr 21, 2022

    Time. Time is movement. Movement is time. Time is change. Change is movement. Change, movement and time are all the same concept. What we consider as clock time is just our assigning measurement to the day’s rotation of the earth. A year is a measure of the orbit of earth around the sun. From the electrons moving around the nuclei of atoms that make up all substance, to the incomprehensible vastness of infinite space, movement/ change/ time never ceases. Our planet is 24,901.5 miles in circumference at the equator. The 24 h...