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One small statement from CDC, one giant hope for our humanity

I (Leslie) am a clinician and have been for many years.  I’ve been Black for many more years, all my life.  More than a decade ago, I started a nonprofit, Right to Health, with the premise that, since racism is a proven correl... — Updated 4/15/2021

 By SEN. MIKE PADDEN    Opinion 

Because freedom matters for all Washingtonians

We are now less than two weeks away from end of the 2021 legislative session. It’s been a very busy time, wrapping up work in committees and marathon evening and weekend sessions voting on bills on the floor. The “opposite hous... — Updated 4/15/2021


Senate operating budget is proof Democrats can't resist higher spending

The Senate operating budget for 2021-23 was approved on April 1 by a 27-22 vote, with two Democrats joining all Republicans in opposition. It is fitting this plan (Senate Bill 5092) was passed on April Fools’ Day. The sharp... — Updated 4/8/2021

 By LIV FINNE    Opinion

Teacher's Union stifles choice with aggressive tactics

Lawmakers are rightly showing great concern about improving the quality, graduation rates, equal treatment and fairness in public schools. Some even say the traditional public school system is systemically racist and are demanding... — Updated 4/8/2021


People with disabilities could soon face healthcare discrimination

Patients with disabilities are 11 times more likely to die from Covid-19 than their able-bodied peers. That’s a sobering statistic. And it’s why public health officials have prioritized these vulnerable patients for... — Updated 4/1/2021


Amazon should allow more worker rights

There are some things I like very much about Amazon and my Amazon Prime Account, but Amazon isn’t perfect. I like the fact that I can stay at home and order the exact hardware fittings I want without sorting through bins at hardw... — Updated 4/1/2021


Dodging public vote on capital gains shows elitism

This will sound funny anywhere outside Olympia, but there is a question that for years has stumped half the Legislature. If an income tax is so good for the people of the state of Washington, why do they say no every time they are... — Updated 4/1/2021


Cheney Free Press photo fanned flames

I came very close to sending a letter last week about the front page article and photograph of the man on the ground in handcuffs surrounded by four well-armed white officers disturbed me greatly at first glance.  I think it’s... — Updated 3/26/2021


COVID variants warrant caution in Phase 3

The variant that was described in your article “U.K coronavirus variant detected in Spokane County (Cheney Free Press, March 18)” seems to be dangerous because of how quickly and easily it spreads. This seems like it can cause... — Updated 3/26/2021


Starter income tax is bad enough - what comes next is even worse

OLYMPIA — Last week, the Legislature got a terrific piece of news. State tax collections have rebounded despite one of the worst economic situations we’ve ever faced. The latest projection adds $3.3 billion, and we’re right... — Updated 3/26/2021

 By ROB OKUN    Opinion

Where are the 'other' white men?

Years ago, the pork industry ran a campaign touting its product as the “other white meat.” It was angling to ally itself with the “chicken-is-healthier-than-red-meat” crowd. Most people saw it for what it was: a cynical... — Updated 3/26/2021


March 4 front page photo is about sensationalism

In regards to the article, “Crash damages building, vehicle,” published 4 March 2021 in the Cheney Free Press, I have questions, I have comments, mostly, I have concern. If the title of the article is “Crash damages building,... — Updated 3/18/2021


Cathy McMorris Rogers escapes again

Wow, our representative for U.S. Congress, Cathy McMorris Rodgers is so lucky. She has continued to vote with the majority of the Republicans to make life harder for most people in Eastern Washington. Yet, she loses most of the... — Updated 3/18/2021


In Idaho, no masks and no COVID

My son wanted to wrestle this season but unfortunately due to COVID-19 and Jay Inslee there has been no wrestling in Washington. From a friend we learned that Idaho was allowing their athletes to compete. Upon ascertaining this... — Updated 3/18/2021


Civility policy is threat to free speech

The Cheney School District is proposing to adopt a Policy named “Civility” in its next meeting on March 24. To read it you will need to ask them for a copy of New Policy 2195. This policy is a threat to free speech and liberty... — Updated 3/18/2021

 By MIKE PADDEN    Opinion

Helping Washingtonians access the American Dream

The 2021 legislative session is more than halfway over, and there are still a host of issues vying for the attention of lawmakers and the public. From the governor’s emergency powers to legislation strengthening our DUI laws,... — Updated 3/18/2021


Would front page photo be same if white suspect?

What a jarring image of a shackled Black man on the ground on the front page of last week’s Cheney Free Press (March 4). I can’t help but wonder if a white suspect would have been similarly depicted. Kristin Mansfield... — Updated 3/11/2021


Is it poor reporting or is it poor policing?

On Friday, March 5, my friend texted me and asked what I thought of the picture on the front page of this week’s (March 4) Free Press. I had not gotten the paper yet, so had to wait to respond. Cheney cops standing around while... — Updated 3/11/2021


Picture selection shows tone deafness to times

I was disappointed by the picture chosen for the front page of last week’s Free Press (March 4). In the current climate and awareness of Black Lives Matter, I felt the picture was in very poor taste. I don’t question the... — Updated 3/11/2021

 By SEN. JEFF HOLY    Opinion

Bill would protect health-care workers battling pandemic

Ever since COVID-19 reached America a year ago, we’ve seen heroic acts performed by many, especially health-care workers helping those afflicted with this contagious and life-threatening virus.  As the pandemic has spread to... — Updated 3/11/2021


Daylight saving time: Why is this still a thing?

At 2 a.m. on Sunday, March 14, daylight saving time for 2021 will begin, clocks will spring forward an hour, and Washingtonians will once again ask themselves how this annual ritual is even still a thing we all must do. The... — Updated 3/11/2021

 By ROGER HARNACK    Opinion

HB1356 panders to politically correct power brokers

It’s a solution in search of a problem. Lawmakers in Olympia appear to be fast-tracking House Bill 1356, which would ban the use of “racially derogatory or discriminatory... — Updated 3/4/2021


Democrats have many proposals to raise or create taxes

Democrats in Washington’s Legislature traditionally haven’t been shy about raising taxes. This legislative session is no different. In fact, there are several Democrat-sponsored proposals that would increase existing taxes or... — Updated 3/4/2021

 By MEL GURTOV    Opinion

Biden's China policy must be confrontational and competitive

The dominant view of China in both Washington and in American public opinion is that the United States faces an increasingly ruthless Chinese leadership, requiring that U.S. policy restrain if not contain China’s malevolent... — Updated 2/25/2021

 By JOHN McCALLUM    Opinion

Impact of 500,000 lessons learned

Monday marked an event I never dreamed I would see in my lifetime. Somewhere in the late morning, the United States crossed the threshold of 500,000 of our fellow American men and women killed by the coronavirus. If you had told... — Updated 2/25/2021


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