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There are some successes battling Covid-19

Lately it seems that I hear or encounter the words that America has “totally failed” in mitigating the devastating effects of Covid-19. Mathematically, this statement is flawed as the CDC website as of today (7/24) shows: U.S.... — Updated 7/30/2020


EWU president's resignation sought

I’d like to share an open letter to Dr. Mary Cullinan, president of Eastern Washington University:  Dear Dr. Cullinan: Quit. Just quit. Please consider doing the honorable thing and resign your position as president of EWU as a... — Updated 7/30/2020

 By ROGER HARNACK    Opinion 

Initiative 1114 would end governor's overreach

Gov. Jay Inslee may order quarantines and business shutdowns, but he cannot enforce them. In agreeing with that argument — presented by attorneys for the governor — U.S.... — Updated 7/30/2020

 By MEL GURTOV    Opinion 

Refusing election results could initiate democracy's nightmare

By now it is an established fact that Donald Trump may, or may not, accept the results of the presidential election. He will definitely accept a win, and he “will have to see” about accepting a defeat. If he is soundly... — Updated 7/30/2020


Letters to the Editor

Wilson’s listening skills needed here On Friday, July 1, 2016, I chanced to meet congressional candidate Dave Wilson on Main Street in Walla Walla. Being a newly retired healthcare administrator, my eye caught a reference to... — Updated 7/23/2020

 By Jason Mercier    Opinion

Law requires across-board budget cuts

There are two legal options to respond to a state budget deficit: The governor orders across the board budget cuts, or a special session of the Legislature occurs liquidating the deficit. The first is a blunt instrument allowing no... — Updated 7/23/2020


Libraries survive with community support

Recently, rural Americans have missed out on many services usually offered in their communities. However, library employees have worked even harder to provide for their patrons. For example, in Wayne, Nebraska, library staff have... — Updated 7/23/2020


As an endangered species, will we act to save ourselves?

Have you noticed recently that things are collapsing? Sure, the rightwing, nationalist rulers of many countries never stop telling us that they have made their nations “great” again. But we would have to be dislocated from... — Updated 7/16/2020

 By DON C. BRUNELL    Opinion

Seattle could repeat 1972's 'Lights Out' in 2022

Far too few people remember the 1972 Seattle billboard: “Would the last person who leaves Seattle please turn out the lights?” The reference was to the massive job losses at... — Updated 7/16/2020

 By JASON MERCIER    Opinion

Will Washington really punt budget action until January?

What once seemed inevitable is now growing unlikely — a special session to balance the state’s budget. This is why it was so important to act before the new spending increases took effect on July 1. Once we started the new fisc... — Updated 7/9/2020

 By ANDREW MOSS    Opinion

The strident yet subtle language of vote suppression

There are many ways to suppress a vote. If you’ve followed elections in various states over the past two years, you’ll recognize such strategies as the purging of voting rolls, the elimination of same-day voting, and the... — Updated 7/9/2020


Darwin would be proud - or embarrassed

Teaching Psychology for 20 years at Spokane Falls Community College was such a learning experience — for me. I hope the students also learned a lot about the “Scientific study of behavior and mental processes.” When... — Updated 7/2/2020


Reflected on why Black Lives Matter

If we are not committed to ensuring that each of us stands as a part of God’s plan, then: First, they will come for Black people, and some will do nothing because they are not Black. Then they will come for the Latinos, and... — Updated 7/2/2020

 By DON C. BRUNELL    Opinion

Washington Needs to Change to Stay on Top

In early June, the financial website WalletHub released its rankings of “Best and Worse State Economies” and Washington led the field of 51 as best by a healthy margin.... — Updated 6/25/2020

 By LAURA FINLEY    Opinion

Using the epithet "Libtard" is offensive

Having spent some time perusing social media in the last few weeks, I am appalled at the words some will haphazardly sling at those with whom they disagree. There are many racist, sexist and homophobic terms that should simple be... — Updated 6/25/2020

 By Roger Harnack    Opinion

There are ways to guarantee your cellular privacy

Are government agencies and big tech tracking your every move via your smartphone? The answer is maybe. Gov. Jay Inslee has repeatedly said the state is using smartphone data to... — Updated 6/25/2020


U.S. Grant's legacy reborn in recent protests

Renewed interest in Ulysses S. Grant’s entire career, as evidenced by the recent documentary “Grant” and books (e.g. “The Man Who Saved the Union” by H.W. Brands; “Grant” by Ron Chernow), adds perspective to the... — Updated 6/18/2020

 By DON C. BRUNELL    Opinion

China's push for high tech dominance centers on metals

While the coronavirus pandemic and civil unrest are front page news, China’s unrelenting push to leap over our country in critical technology and hoarding of strategic metals... — Updated 6/18/2020


Cheney police condemn force, commit to accountability

For the past several weeks, I have been watching the protests and subsequent riots hitting our urban areas throughout the county sparked by the senseless killing of George Floyd. Like you, when I viewed the video of the... — Updated 6/18/2020


Delaney defends his publisher - or does he?

I’m glad to see Paul Delaney is back at the Cheney Free Press after a year and a couple months hiatus. I hope his “failed retirement” wasn’t because of those “half-dozen citations” from me to which he’s laid claim... — Updated 6/11/2020

 By FRED REINHART    Opinion

Bayh-Dole march-in rights would handicap COVID-19 innovation

Scientists across America are working hard to develop treatments for and vaccines against COVID-19. Unfortunately, several activist groups are making their jobs harder. Doctors Without Borders is urging governments to seize the... — Updated 6/11/2020

 By JOHN McCALLUM    Opinion

Time to put the Old South in its proper place

In several past columns I’ve written about the need to preserve history. I’ve editorialized to preserve history, it’s often necessary to maintain that which we find offensive so we may remember and learn from the experience,... — Updated 6/11/2020

 By Pam Lewison    Opinion

No agriculture producer likes to see their work go to waste

Whether it is a crop, milk or livestock, no one involved in agriculture wants their products to go anywhere other than to consumers. That is what makes the COVID-19 crisis particularly difficult for agriculture – food continues... — Updated 6/4/2020

 By DON C. BRUNELL    Opinion

Closed landfills may eventually house solar farms

Solar power is getting a lot of attention these days as our country strives to reduce greenhouse gases. Sunny cities like Honolulu, Los Angeles and San Antonio have ramped-up solar... — Updated 6/4/2020

 By DON C. BRUNELL    Opinion

There's a very bright future for papermakers

In recent years, papermakers in Pacific Northwest have been losing ground. However, today there is a ray of hope. Surprisingly, that optimism results from the COVID-19 pandemic. In... — Updated 5/28/2020


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