Freier leads race for fire commissioner

SPOKANE VALLEY – Rick Freier leads the race for Spokane Valley Fire Commission Position No. 5 after the first day of ballot counting Tuesday, Aug. 1.

Freier has 8,622 votes, 53.37%, far ahead of George Orr with 3,772 votes, 23.35%.

Freier could not be reached for comment Tuesday night.

But Orr commended Freier for his lead.

“I have to give it to Rick. He’s been working hard,” Orr said. “We’re all Americans, and though we disagree, we don’t have to be disagreeable.

“I hope whoever wins does a great job.”

Diane Wilhite was in last place with 3,701 votes, 22.91%.

“Well we’ll see,” Wilhite said of...


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