Deputies use PIT Maneuver to arrest impaired driver

Erratic driver attempted to flee scene

SPOKANE VALLEY – Michael T. Bajadali, aged 47, was apprehended by Deputies following a pursuit that concluded with a successful PIT maneuver. The incident unfolded after Spokane Regional Emergency Communications received multiple reports of a reckless driver, suspected to be impaired, on March 24 in the vicinity of East Sprague Avenue and North Sullivan Road.

According to callers, a white Toyota truck with a red canopy was observed swerving erratically on the roadway, narrowly avoiding collisions with other vehicles. Reports indicated that the driver, later identified as Bajadali, exhibited concerning behavior, including nearly striking oncoming traffic and hitting a curb.

Upon arrival at the scene, Deputies were alerted by callers that the driver appeared to be unconscious near the intersection of Sprague and Evergreen Road.

Subsequently, a Deputy spotted the Toyota stationary at a red light on Sprague, positioned to turn north onto Sullivan Road. Despite the light turning green, Bajadali failed to initiate movement for approximately 10 seconds, deviating from the required direction of travel and entering the closed center median, striking several pylons in the process.

Upon activation of emergency lights and siren by the Deputy, Bajadali accelerated in an apparent attempt to evade law enforcement. In response, and with the presence of additional Deputies nearby, a PIT maneuver was executed to safely halt the fleeing vehicle. Deputies swiftly secured the scene, preventing any escape.

Despite commands from law enforcement to comply, Bajadali displayed signs of impairment, struggling to maintain focus or follow instructions. Ultimately, he exited the vehicle, exhibiting instability on his feet and sustaining a head injury when he fell to the ground.

Following his arrest, Bajadali received medical attention for his injuries and underwent blood testing due to suspected intoxication. Once medically cleared, he was transported and booked into Spokane County Jail on charges of attempting to elude a police vehicle and driving under the influence. Spokane County Superior Court Commissioner E. Cruz set his bond at $10,000.

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