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Finne, Free Press miss point of local bus drivers

I hope that the Free Press isn’t going to make a habit of credulously reprinting the usual tripe from Liv Finne (“Gov. Inslee funding unnecessary union job,” Sept. 3, 2020), because in her customary style the column is a load... — Updated 9/10/2020


Support Eastern Washington independence

In the recent primary, King County overwhelmingly voted for “Unlawful Inslee.” “Unlawful” because a flu-like virus that does not increase the death rate does not constitute a disaster that warrants emergency powers.... — Updated 9/3/2020

 By Liv Finne    Opinion

Gov. Inslee funding unnecessary union job

Most schools in Washington state will remain closed this fall. Some school districts are tightening their belts in anticipation of the COVID-19 budget cuts that are coming. But last week Gov. Jay Inslee bypassed the Legislature... — Updated 9/3/2020

 By ROGER HARNACK    Opinion

It's time to call a special legislative session

Last week, the Idaho House of Representatives approved legislation calling for Gov. Brad Little to end his state’s emergency declaration. Shortly thereafter, the Idaho Senate... — Updated 9/3/2020

 By WILLIAM REMAK    Opinion

For patients, insurers must begin counting the coupons

COVID-19 is ravaging the nation — and taking a devastating toll on those living with chronic illnesses. In New York City, our nation’s epicenter, 94 percent of those hospitalized with the virus had a major underlying health... — Updated 8/27/2020

 By DON C. BRUNELL    Opinion

Colder weather could further chill restaurant recovery

Sunny summer weather helped restaurant owners and workers recover after they were broadsided by the coronavirus pandemic last March. However, as fall morphs into winter and diners... — Updated 8/27/2020


Administration runs roughshod over Bill of Rights

Donald Trump and his staff have finally gone beyond a point of no return for me. The occupation of Portland, Oregon by some type of federal police violates several amendments in the Bill of Rights, most noticeably the Fourth... — Updated 8/20/2020


Eliminating trade barriers helps U.S. and Canada recoverery

The U.S.-Canada border will remain closed for non-essential travel until at least Sept. 21. President Trump and Prime Minister Trudeau mutually agreed to seal the world’s longest non-militarized border back in March to slow the... — Updated 8/20/2020

 By DON C. BRUNELL    Opinion

New nuclear needs solution inclusion

If Americans are to receive all of their electricity without coal and natural gas by 2035, they will need nuclear power. Even if Washingtonians, who already procure over 70 percent... — Updated 8/20/2020


McMorris Rodgers needs our blessing to do right

Each morning my husband and I read “365 Blessings to Heal Myself and the World” by Pierre Pradervand, which among others encourages blessings for people engaged in different occupations, including politicians. Today I want... — Updated 8/13/2020

 By JASON MERCIER    Opinion

Washington has too many statewide elected officials

With the August primary in the books let’s work to reduce the number of statewide elected offices. At present the people of Washington elect officials to nine statewide offices (not counting justices to the state supreme court).... — Updated 8/13/2020

 By ROGER HARNACK    Opinion

Important Columbia, Snake river dams must stay

Dams on the Columbia and Snake rivers provide an appropriate balance between the economic needs of Eastern Washington and fish protections. While we already knew that here in... — Updated 8/13/2020


It's Democrats who won't accept election results

In his column, contributor Mel Gurov frets that President Trump might not accept the results of the fall election if they are not in his favor and sheds considerable crocodile tears over the consequence to democracy. Honestly, Mr.... — Updated 8/6/2020


How will history view COVID-19 measures whiners?

 My Dad was born in October, 1917, in New Cumberland, West Virginia, my Mum in November, 1919, in Somerset, England. During Dad’s first year of life, the 1918 flu pandemic struck; Mum’s first year was during the second year... — Updated 8/6/2020

 By ADAM MOSSOFF    Opinion

Gutting Patent Protection Won't Cure COVID-19

To ensure that coronavirus vaccines and treatments are “available at a price affordable to all people,” Congresswoman Jan Schakowsky and several other House Democrats recently proposed a radical solution to the coronavirus... — Updated 8/6/2020


West Plains Chamber of Commerce offers small business help

Small businesses are the lifeblood of our economy, and on July 27, the West Plains Chamber of Commerce in collaboration with other regional partners launched the OPENTogether Small Business and Non-profit Grant program to help... — Updated 8/6/2020


There are some successes battling Covid-19

Lately it seems that I hear or encounter the words that America has “totally failed” in mitigating the devastating effects of Covid-19. Mathematically, this statement is flawed as the CDC website as of today (7/24) shows: U.S.... — Updated 7/30/2020


EWU president's resignation sought

I’d like to share an open letter to Dr. Mary Cullinan, president of Eastern Washington University:  Dear Dr. Cullinan: Quit. Just quit. Please consider doing the honorable thing and resign your position as president of EWU as a... — Updated 7/30/2020

 By ROGER HARNACK    Opinion

Initiative 1114 would end governor's overreach

Gov. Jay Inslee may order quarantines and business shutdowns, but he cannot enforce them. In agreeing with that argument — presented by attorneys for the governor — U.S.... — Updated 7/30/2020

 By MEL GURTOV    Opinion

Refusing election results could initiate democracy's nightmare

By now it is an established fact that Donald Trump may, or may not, accept the results of the presidential election. He will definitely accept a win, and he “will have to see” about accepting a defeat. If he is soundly... — Updated 7/30/2020


Letters to the Editor

Wilson’s listening skills needed here On Friday, July 1, 2016, I chanced to meet congressional candidate Dave Wilson on Main Street in Walla Walla. Being a newly retired healthcare administrator, my eye caught a reference to... — Updated 7/23/2020

 By Jason Mercier    Opinion

Law requires across-board budget cuts

There are two legal options to respond to a state budget deficit: The governor orders across the board budget cuts, or a special session of the Legislature occurs liquidating the deficit. The first is a blunt instrument allowing no... — Updated 7/23/2020


Libraries survive with community support

Recently, rural Americans have missed out on many services usually offered in their communities. However, library employees have worked even harder to provide for their patrons. For example, in Wayne, Nebraska, library staff have... — Updated 7/23/2020


As an endangered species, will we act to save ourselves?

Have you noticed recently that things are collapsing? Sure, the rightwing, nationalist rulers of many countries never stop telling us that they have made their nations “great” again. But we would have to be dislocated from... — Updated 7/16/2020

 By DON C. BRUNELL    Opinion

Seattle could repeat 1972's 'Lights Out' in 2022

Far too few people remember the 1972 Seattle billboard: “Would the last person who leaves Seattle please turn out the lights?” The reference was to the massive job losses at... — Updated 7/16/2020


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