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  • Legislature considering bill to help nurse shortage

    Sen. Jeff Holy|Updated Mar 2, 2023

    Nursing is one of the most noble and trusted professions in our society. Just ask any patient who has made a trip to a hospital or had a doctor’s appointment. Nurses perform many tasks – from menial to absolutely crucial – and all are key to a patient’s well-being. Unfortunately, as is the case in many other states, there is a serious nursing shortage in Washington. A report by the American Association of Colleges of Nursing warns the U.S. will need 200,000 more registered nurses in 10 years and saw an unprecedented net los...

  • New 'reforms' make it harder for police to maintain public safety

    Sen. JEFF HOLY, Contributor|Updated Aug 12, 2021

    Long before I became a state legislator for the 6th District, I served 22 years as an officer with the Spokane Police Department. During my time with the SPD, my top priority always was to protect and serve the public. It has been 15 years since I stepped down from the department. Though I no longer wear the uniform and badge, I still care very much about the men and women who put their lives on the line each and every day to protect the public. That’s why I’m so concerned about the future of law enforcement here in Was...

  • Legislature is on verge of raising taxes, weakening public safety

    SEN. JEFF HOLY, Contributor|Updated Apr 22, 2021

    The 2021 legislative session, which is scheduled to end April 25, will be remembered for several things — some good, some bad. The candidates for the “bad” column may include a variety of new or increased taxes and fees that will hit your pocketbook in different ways. For instance, a higher state gas tax and a new “cap and trade” tax that would hit motorists hard, and a higher cellphone tax. Also, before the Legislature wraps up its 105-day session, it’s likely to pass Senate Bill 5096, which would impose a state income tax...

  • Bill would protect health-care workers battling pandemic

    SEN. JEFF HOLY, Contributor|Updated Mar 11, 2021

    Ever since COVID-19 reached America a year ago, we’ve seen heroic acts performed by many, especially health-care workers helping those afflicted with this contagious and life-threatening virus. As the pandemic has spread to the point of claiming half a million lives in the U.S. so far, doctors, nurses and other health-care workers in hospitals and medical clinics have put their own lives at risk to care for COVID-19 patients. When the pandemic was raging in New York City last spring, nurses from Washington and other states t...

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