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  • Gardening by Osmosis

    Margaret Swenson|Updated Oct 26, 2023

    It was the Big Leaved Maple’s turn to shine. Other trees and shrubs had released their canopies and multicolored leaves littered the landscape. The Maple’s halo of gold reached high into the blue autumn afternoon. The sight was dazzling to behold. Not ready to release its crown, the Maple was admired by creatures great and small. And then as if given a signal, bronzed yellow and gold leaves dropped to the ground, The deep carpet reminiscent of the Yellow Brick Road....

  • Gardening By Osmosis

    Margaret Swenson|Updated Aug 31, 2023

    What a privilege it is to have a garden. When I contemplate my good fortune, after the raging wildfires claimed my friends and neighbors homes and gardens, I am reminded how I have taken my home and garden for granted. Reflection is good, rebuilding is hard. Though we can’t take away the anguish of loss we can encourage loved ones and neighbors with support through these times. Joining our community’s efforts to distribute food, clothing and shelter are tangible ways to help. School supplies and messages of heartfelt con...

  • How many hats must you wear to be a gardener?

    Margaret Swenson|Updated Aug 10, 2023

    Horticulturalist: one who cultivates and manages the garden. Environmentalist: one who is concerned with protecting the environment. Agronomist: one who studies the science of soil management and crop production. Biologist: one who studies living organisms. Pathologist: one who studies and identifies diseases. Entomologist: one who studies insects. Or if these hats fit: Do you love to watch healthy things grow, feel the warm tilth of the soil in your fingers, watch butterflies dance above the flowers? Do you listen to honey...