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  • School choice growing

    Liv Finne|Updated Jul 6, 2023

    School choice is on the rise across the nation.  Pennsylvania governor Josh Shapiro, a Democrat, just announced his support for Lifeline scholarships, a state voucher program that will allow students to use public funds to attend a private school of their choice. If enacted, his bill will help families assigned by local officials to the lowest-performing public schools because these families will be able to choose a better alternative for their children. Governor Shapiro’s bold initiative is the latest in a popular nat...

  • End teacher union power to improve education

    Liv Finne, Contributor|Updated Dec 23, 2021

    Earlier this year, state legislative leaders said they wanted to reduce institutional racism in the public schools by enacting Senate Bill 5044 and similar bills to require that school and university employees attend mandatory Critical Race Theory sessions. This flawed political ideology teaches that white people in all situations are oppressors and other groups are automatically oppressed. These leading lawmakers, who ironically control the very power structure they condemn, say the forced sessions will “dismantle s...

  • Teacher's Union stifles choice with aggressive tactics

    LIV FINNE, Contributor|Updated Apr 8, 2021

    Lawmakers are rightly showing great concern about improving the quality, graduation rates, equal treatment and fairness in public schools. Some even say the traditional public school system is systemically racist and are demanding solutions. It is certainly true that public schools produce starkly unequal outcomes, with the achievement gap between ethnic groups in math, science and reading wider than ever. Washington has at least 117 state-identified failing public schools, which are placed mostly in urban areas. Each year...

  • Gov. Inslee funding unnecessary union job

    Liv Finne, Contributor|Updated Sep 3, 2020

    Most schools in Washington state will remain closed this fall. Some school districts are tightening their belts in anticipation of the COVID-19 budget cuts that are coming. But last week Gov. Jay Inslee bypassed the Legislature and the decisions of local school districts to protect the jobs of unionized school bus drivers. He’s made sure money will keep flowing for school buses that are not carrying school children. His next step may be to keep the money flowing to school buildings — even with no students. Here is the bac...