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  • Of course a U.S. president can murder somebody without legal jeopardy - ain't that great!

    KARY LOVE, Contributor|Updated Oct 31, 2019

    During his campaign for president, Donald Trump said that he could “stand in the middle of Fifth Avenue and shoot somebody” without losing voters. Now, in a case before the Second Circuit Court of Appeals (and probably when appealed to the U.S. Supreme Court), the president’s attorney William Consovoy told the three-judge panel that immunity would also temporarily shield Trump from prosecution for that act. “This is not a permanent immunity,” Consovoy said, when asked by U.S. Circuit Judge Denny Chin to respond to a police...

  • A Christmas miracle? U.S.A. actually stopping a war?

    KARY LOVE, Contributor|Updated Dec 27, 2018

    President Trump has “commander in chiefed” an end to the illegal U.S. role in the war in Syria. And there are reports the Commander in Chief may order a draw down in Afghanistan, the war that keeps on giving! Knock me down with a feather! Turns out it ain’t that hard to end a war! It must be a Christmas Miracle! In the lifetime of the post 9-11 generation, the U.S. has started many a war, but ended nary a one. Is this a new era? Is it evidence that this Christmas, Christ may return? I do not know how else to understand it. O...

  • American exceptionalism is only for the few who can afford it

    KARY LOVE, Contributor|Updated Sep 8, 2017

    The government of the United States proposes to “save” 5,000 government bureaucrats and their secretaries (no wives or kids) in the event of nuclear, biological or chemical war so it can carry out its “COG,” Continuity of Government plan. This is a great example of “government intelligence” — survive the apocalypse so the IRS can continue to collect taxes from the dead citizens to pay off the cost of the bunkers the bureaucrats (and top elected officials) “survive” in. You, the taxpayer, will most likely be dead. In fact the...