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 By Frank Watson    Opinion

Quilts of Valor

The local news coverage of the celebration for units returning from Iraq and Afghanistan left me with mixed emotions. I was delighted that our fighting men and women were being embraced by our community. At the same time, however,... — Updated 8/18/2022

 By FRANK WATSON    Opinion

Having and displaying patriotism really is a good thing

During a recent Democratic Party debate, candidate Pete Buttigieg made a comment that just about floored me. He said, “The American Dream is alive and well – In Denmark!” Elizabeth Warren and Amy Klobachar both nodded in... — Updated 3/5/2020

 By FRANK WATSON    Opinion

Messing with nature has consequences

The state Legislature has directed the Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife to remove the catch limits on bass, walleye and channel catfish in all waters of the state where they coexist with salmon. It seems that someone in... — Updated 2/6/2020

 By FRANK WATSON    Opinion

It's the elected elite who reign in Olympia

Oligarchy. I like the sound of the word. It kind of rolls off the tongue, but I don’t like it as a form of government. Winning an election does not grant the victor wisdom beyond those of us who have never run for office. Those... — Updated 1/30/2020

 By FRANK WATSON    Opinion

Has politics become a rich man's club?

After the 2016 election, I wondered if only the filthy rich would be able to run for president. Hillary Clinton, with a net worth of around $35 million, was the Democratic favorite, and her only challenger was Bernie Sanders. Not... — Updated 12/28/2019

 By FRANK WATSON    Opinion

Income disparity makes capitalism work for all

I read an essay not too long ago that claimed income disparity as the biggest danger to our democracy. The author could just have easily said that the gap between the very rich and very poor is a near and present danger. I thought... — Updated 12/12/2019

 By FRANK WATSON    Opinion

It's time women's equality didn't need to be pointed out

The all-female space-walk was front page news for several days until it was replaced by a story about a female squadron commander at Fairchild Air Force Base. The reality of capable women shouldn’t be a news splash. The... — Updated 11/21/2019

 By FRANK WATSON    Opinion

Legislature should listen to the voice of the people

The House has decided to make the closed door inquiry an official impeachment process. The headlines indicated that they had enough votes to unveil their activities. I heard rumors that some Democrats were going to vote against it,... — Updated 11/14/2019

 By FRANK WATSON    Opinion

Who is governing the country these days?

The House has decided to make the closed door inquiry an official impeachment process. The headlines indicated that they had enough votes to unveil their activities. I heard rumors that some Democrats were going to vote against it,... — Updated 11/8/2019

 By FRANK WATSON    Opinion

The Generation Gap - or how technology has improved our lives and we didn't even know it

My kids caught me reading a book. An actual book, printed with ink on real paper. I was lectured about my abuse of the planet and was told how many trees went into making paper. Paper that would likely line the bottom of our... — Updated 10/31/2019

 By FRANK WATSON    Opinion

Departments making own rules are not responsible to public

There is a branch of our government that is independent of the three branches we study in school. This branch usually operates in the shadows overlooked by both the people and the Legislature. It makes its own rules with the same... — Updated 10/24/2019

 By FRANK WATSON    Opinion

Once useful to workers, unions have run their course

The United Auto Workers Union strike against General Motors has entered its second month with no end in sight. They are using tactics developed years ago when the big three automakers ruled the industry. Rather than strike across... — Updated 10/17/2019

 By FRANK WATSON    Opinion

When all else fails, it's time to impeach the president

News flash – Nancy Pelosi learned President Trump is using his office for political gain so the House has begun impeachment hearings. I thought using the power of office was pretty normal in American politics. Members of... — Updated 10/10/2019

 By FRANK WATSON    Opinion

There's a learning curve to function in the modern world

I bought my first electronic calculator several years ago when I was in grad school. It was made by Texas Instruments and was a little bigger than a deck of cards. It could add, subtract, multiply, and divide much faster and more... — Updated 10/3/2019

 By FRANK WATSON    Opinion

It's money that drives the economy, balanced trade needed

I heard a news report last week proudly announce, “The economy improved last week fueled by consumer spending.” Consumer spending, or lack thereof may be an indicator of economic strength, but it doesn’t drive. It doesn’t... — Updated 9/19/2019

 By FRANK WATSON    Opinion

The myth of safety and security in these United States

I had a wonderful opportunity in 2000. I was selected as part of Spokane’s sister city educational exchange, and taught English in the Japanese public school system. One of my students was considering applying to be an exchange... — Updated 9/12/2019

 By FRANK WATSON    Opinion

Unelected judges replacing our government of we the people

I thought the court decisions against the makers of Roundup were over the top, but I was absolutely astounded at the recent ruling against Johnson & Johnson. These judgments are not only out of line, but tend to spawn even more... — Updated 9/5/2019

 By FRANK WATSON    Opinion

Agitators are generally involved only for themselves

To tweet or not to tweet, that is the question. I have found over my considerable years that when you have nothing to add, you should keep your mouth shut. Our President seems to have missed that lesson. When congresswomen Tlaib an... — Updated 8/29/2019

 By FRANK WATSON    Opinion

There's no doubt about it now, Donald Trump must go

I’m still looking for an alternative for Donald Trump in 2020. I agree with almost everything negative that has been said of him. He is obnoxious, he makes unnecessary enemies, he is undiplomatic, he does not command loyalty, he... — Updated 8/22/2019

 By FRANK WATSON    Sports

It's time to have a real discussion about guns in American society

I realize every writer with a second-hand computer will sit down at their keyboard this week and write about the shootings in El Paso and Dayton. I hope you read them all. Some will be emphatic that the only way to stop the... — Updated 8/15/2019

 By FRANK WATSON    Opinion

Socialism is a one-way trip to disaster

A few years ago, I had occasion to examine potential threats to our democracy. The national debt, exportation of wealth and our economic dependence on foreign countries headed my list of concerns. My list was unchanged until... — Updated 8/1/2019

 By FRANK WATSON    Opinion

Taking it easy is not the answer to a healthy society

I spent the Fourth of July sitting on the porch of our cabin on the river thanking God we had a cabin on the river. I tried to ignore the roaring jet skis and speedboats pulling kids on inner tubes. I groaned inwardly as they... — Updated 7/18/2019


Too often we find ways to abuse good intentions

My television viewing is normally limited to the news, Mariner’s baseball and Gonzaga basketball. Shut in by bad weather a few weeks ago, I found myself temporarily out of library books, so I was daydreaming while a drama series... — Updated 7/11/2019

 By FRANK WATSON    Opinion

Monuments not necessarily for those who served

Deployments to Vietnam from Fairchild normally included an overnight stop in Pearl Harbor. Some of our crew had been there before and suggested we go out to the USS Arizona. We went to the pier and rode to the site in a small open... — Updated 7/3/2019

 By FRANK WATSON    Opinion

This is the tale of the squirrel and Mary Franks' walnuts

I am a gardener. It is the only way I’ve found to be partners with God. Women and God partner up to produce additional human beings. After a brief DNA donation, men only get involved when the offspring wants to know how to throw... — Updated 6/27/2019


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