Trump, Biden rematch looming

SPOKANE - Following the Tuesday, March 12, primary in Washington and other states, its appears that voters will see a rematch in the race for U.S. President.

Both former President Republican Donald J. Trump and current Democrat President Joseph R. Biden Jr. secured enough support to become the presumptive nominees for their parties.

In Washington state, 1.25 million voters cast ballots in the primary election.

Donald J. Trump

Trump received 442,048 votes statewide, or 73.8% of Republican votes cast. Former candidate Nikki Haley was a distant second with 129,394 votes, or 21.6%, followed by former candidate Ron Desantis with 12,979 votes, or 2.2%.

Joseph R. Biden Jr.

Biden received 559,996 votes, or 85.7% of Democrat votes. But 7.4% of Democrats cast uncommitted ballots.

In Spokane County, Trump garnered a bigger with with 74.1% of Republican votes. Biden's lead, too, was bigger here, where 86.6% of Democrats supported him.

In nearby Whitman County, support for both Trump and Biden slipped.

Trump received 71.4% of Republican votes while Biden received 82.9% of Democratic votes.


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