Election Ballots mailed

Election season is here, and the county has sent approximately 362,000 ballots out to all registered voters residing in the area.

The cost per ballot is calculated at 35 cents, which covers not only printing but also the logistics of mailing these crucial voting tools.

This year, the county has invested approximately $126,700 to print and mail those ballots.

It’s crucial to ensure every eligible voter has their voice heard.

In 2023, the county said they have been working to deliver an impressive number of ballots to different locations, tailoring their efforts to each community’s specific needs. Here’s a breakdown of the number of ballots mailed to key locations:

• Spokane Valley: 68,550 were sent out to Spokane Valley voters.

• Liberty Lake: In Liberty Lake, a city known for its unique character, 9,000 ballots have been mailed.


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