Debra L. Long

Central Valley School Board Director

Age: 68

Hometown: Clarkston, Washington

Employment/Business/Other Experience: Employed at Spokane United Methodist Homes dba Rockwood Retirement Community as the Accounting Manager since 7/28/1997. I was elected in 11/2003 to serve on the Central Valley School board.

Community Service: I am active in Central Valley High School Band and Colorguard. I have ran the CV Craft fair since 11/1997. I am also active in Central Valley Theatre. I was honored to receive the EWU Distinguished Alumni award for Community Building in 2010. I have served on the Bloomsday Saturday coordinator from 5/2005 to 5/2019.

Education: Masters in Public Administration from EWU, Bachelor’s Degree in Business Administration with emphasis in Human Resources and Economics from EWU. Associated Science Degree in Accounting from Spokane Falls Community College

Family: Married to William for 48 years. Have 2 sons, Jonathan and Shawn. Have 7 grandchildren, and 8 great grand-children.

Disclaimer: The following questions were answered by candidates in 100 words or less. We

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1.Do you support the state mandated comprehensive sexual health education? Why or why not?

Unfortunately, I do not support the state mandated comprehensive sexual health education. I feel that it is a parents responsibility to teach their children about the birds and the bees. While I was the only dissenting vote there were only 141 families that opted out of the comprehensive sexual health education.

2.Do you support the implementation of social-emotional learning? Why or why not?

I do support the implementation of social-emotional learning in our schools. The SEL process helps our students acquire and apply the knowledge, skills, attitudes to manage their emotions and achieve personal and collective goals. Through social and emotional learning, they learn to make responsible and caring decisions. SEL addresses forms of inequity and empowers our students to contribute to our community. They have the power to change our society.

3.If faced with another pandemic situation in which the state mandated vaccines for school workers, how would you vote and why?

I feel that it is a personal choice whether you are vaccinated or not. Under the current rules, there were exceptions made for those who did not wish to have the vaccine. I strongly feel that students should not be mandated to take the vaccine.

Please reach out with any questions or concerns, and any help you can offer is greatly appreciated.


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