Garage Lodge opens facility for West Plains

SPOKANE – A Bornhoft project that has been in the works for over three years was finalized on the morning of June 9 during the ribbon cutting ceremony for the newly opened Garage Lodge.

The West Plains Chamber of Commerce marked the opening of the 1551 S. Deer Heights Road with a ribbon cutting.

Owners Marianne and Chris Bornhoft, have been developers for more than 10 years, and Marianne Bornhoft has been working in real estate for 28 years.

Some of the issues they faced included being able to buy the land without too many regulations being put in place, Marianne Bornhoft said.

"Three years ago, the State of Washington exercised eminent domain over our warehouse on East Trent for the walking path of the North South freeway. We were quite upset and did not want to move," Marianne Bornhoft said. "During our valiant fight, we looked around and found out that smaller warehouse space was impossible to find. It became our mission to provide a new space where not only individuals use it to store things in, but to also provide a location for other small business to grow and prosper."

Sometimes you don't have control over your property and change happens- but out of that you can create wonderful opportunities.

With a unique approach to serving entrepreneurs, the units are sold as shells that can be fully customized to fit the business needs of various clientele.

Marianne Bornhoft said they have had interested parties that were looking for studio space for photography or videography, and others that would like to install shelving and have a full on art shop in place.

"I like to think we are selling opportunities," she said. "People with the entrepreneurial spirit can purchase a space and build their dreams."

Other parties may just want something simpler like a nice storage spot, so the units can also accommodate that as well, she said. No live animals or plants are allowed, and the space can't be used as a living space.

Chris Bornhoft explained how different this facility is.

"This is not a concept that is normal," he said. "No one has done this in or around Spokane."

Marianne Bornhoft also explained to the crowd in attendance that her family had faced some hardships over a sale with her grandmother's house at one point.

"The City of Hillsboro Oregon for a parking lot," Marianne Bornhoft said. "She fought the city and she did lose her battle but won the war and got the city to move her house which is still standing today."

Marianne Bornhoft reminded the crowd that it takes a lot of work to shape dreams into reality, but she said it is well worth the effort.

"If you have a dream, do it," she said. "Why are you here if you're not here to be happy and recognize what you want to do in life."

She said it's important to not let others determine your path in life.

"Sometimes you don't have control over your property and change happens," Marianne said. "But out of that you can create wonderful opportunities."

The couple went on to thank everyone in attendance, and said it wouldn't have been possible without the help they have had along the way.

"Marianne and I certainly could not do this alone," Chris Bornhoft said. "We have a superstar team behind us."

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