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March 26 1948

Cheney Free Press

Cheney High Wins County Boxing Title

Cheney, Mead, Deer Park, and Riverside high schools competed in a county boxing tournament on March 20, 1948, and Cheney came out on top with a total of 58 points. Riverside scored 9 points, Deer Park 15, and Mead 41.

The trophy, given to the Cheney team at the close of the tournament, was placed in the display window of Hansen’s Men’s Store, which was once located at 404 First Street. It was stipulated at the time that Cheney High would have to win an additional three tournaments in order to claim permanent ownership of the trophy.

In other news…

Judge Carl Quackenbush, of the Spokane Superior Court, gave a presentation about marriage to 200 Eastern Washington College sociology students. Quackenbush made many assertions regarding the institution of marriage, one of which was that one should use the same “foresight” in a marriage partnership as one does in a business partnership.

The judge went on to advise that there are three principal stages which the average marriage will go through. These three can be summarized in three words; shock, infidelity, and annoyance. One or the other partner is shocked that marriage is quite a lot of work, and as time goes on the allure of infidelity arises. But, if through all this a marriage persists, the couple may still succumb to being flatly annoyed by the everyday habits of his or her spouse.

“In business,” Quackenbush says “the partnership is formed for making money, in marriage for the enrichment of personal happiness.”

“You can’t stake everything you own on a partnership founded on a three-weeks acquaintance in a beer parlor.” - Judge Carl Quackenbush


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