All the Comforts of Home

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In my travels, I’ve enjoyed places that had all the comforts of home and those that did not. Yet I still found joy in what I had. Perhaps it’s because I’ve gone without, lived poor, chose paying the rent over eating. It’s funny how strife shapes one. It can either make you more grateful for the smallest of comforts or resentful for the things one doesn’t have. I have always chosen to be grateful. That can be attributed to my upbringing. My parents taught us to be humble and grateful for the things we had. I don’t think I’m alone in that. It seems to me that the kids who grew up with the least felt the richest for what we had. Children who grow up not knowing true want seem the most resentful for what they perceive they don’t have. It’s a sad thing to be so unhappy and not truly understand why. The expectations are unrealistic and can never truly be satisfied. For those who feel this way, I have only one bit of advice. Get involved. There is a satisfaction in serving that can only be found in service of others. This being said, I must be truly satisfied, as I haven’t served others in a long time. Perhaps I need a re-boot, myself.

Well, that was a bit of digression from the topic. All the comforts of home. Our home is comfortable. It’s a little bit small, but it suits us. We raised a child, half the neighborhood, 3 dogs and a cat here. Nobody’s life was destroyed by our snug fitting home! In fact, our home was the ‘hang out’ for our son and his friends. We had a giant sectional sofa that took up most of our diminutive living room. Any given day, it was crowded with kids who emptied the snack drawer and refrigerator like sharks on ‘Sharks Week’. The sound of laughter filled the house. A few things got broken through the years. That’s life. As time went by, so did the sectional. Our son moved out and we got a bit older. Hence the introduction of recliners and a love seat for company. The latest dog in our family has taken over the love seat. So I guess company will have to sit elsewhere. Recently, on a garage sale mission, we came across two armless side chairs in great condition… free! Yes, a quick cleaning and some time in the sun and we now have extra seating. So, I guess, come on over. Our home is comfortable, not just because the dog doesn’t have to share her seat, but because we are comfortable. We have all the comforts of home, right here in our hearts. And that’s where it starts, in the heart.


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