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Heart of a Cowboy


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The cowboy’s heart may be many things, but it is seldom lonely and is most always thankful. He lives close to nature and God’s natural order of things.

His heart is;

-Reverent and awed as he observes the miracle of birth and the changing of the seasons.

- It’s joyful when he watches newborn calves romping and playing little calf games on a sunshine-filled spring morning.

-Gentle and kind when he teaches a young horse the lessons needed to become a good partner.

-Savage and fierce when threatened by man, beast, or forces of nature.

-Tender and compassionate when calming a frightened animal or

soothing a child.

-Satisfied and peaceful while enjoying a cold beer under the cottonwoods with a branding crew on a hot spring afternoon.

-Carefree and jolly while shooting a game of 8-ball at the local pool hall or kicking up his heels at a Grange Hall dance.

-Pounding with an adrenalin rush as he settles into the saddle on a snuffy bronc in a rodeo chute.

-It’s filled with undying love when he finds the light of his life.

Yes, a cowboy’s heart has many rooms and is as big as the outdoors he lives in and the lifestyle that defines him. He may be freezing in winter, roasting in summer and always broke, but he wouldn’t want it any other way. With sunshine on his shoulders and a good horse between his knees, the “Heart of a Cowboy is Content.”


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