Whatever happened to 2021?

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Carol Beason

30 December 2021 It seems like only yesterday that we were at the end of the road, with 2020 in our rear view mirrors.

Who, on that first day of 2021, would have thought that we would still face a worldwide pandemic with deaths that continue to resemble the after effects of a tsunami, unimaginable turmoil, extreme weather conditions and a myriad of racial and social problems, the effects of which are still unknown? Well, sadly, we are still facing them as we continue to deal with the effects one year later in these last days of 2021.

In one year we have, more or less, accepted wearing masks, keeping advisable safe distances from each other, working from home, going back to the workplace, helping kids study from home, then go back to the classroom, be wary of others in public places, then venturing out more, getting vaccinated, and deciding whether to go back to work or stay at home.

We have seen more travel in space for those who can afford the ride and more travel on planes, trains, and automobiles for those of us who are cash strapped for the multiple million dollar fare.

We are seeing shortages for just about everything one could think of. Prices for housing, food, and gasoline are higher than one can imagine.

There seems to be a competition to break our individual bank accounts, if we even have one. We see increasing numbers of the homeless and the hungry, and we see a society of people, worldwide, who don’t even see each other and have run amok.

The emphasis has seriously shifted from one of concern for each other to a “me first” mentality.

We have become a violent society, void of connection with each other, quick to take offense, take up arms, riot, kill each other, and ask questions later.

So what can we do in 2022?

I don’t know about you but for starters I just need to breathe. Stop what I am doing and breathe. Demand more responsibility from myself as well as be reliable and respectful. Stand up.

Show up. Don’t blow up.

Unify instead of divide. Exchange anger and revenge for acceptance of differences.

Know my shortcomings and do something positive to correct them. Raise my standards and be accountable.

We are all responsible for this planet Earth we call home, the only one we have, and we need to take serious care of it. It’s about time we cleaned house, do our part, and put it in order.

Happy New Year, 2022, I welcome you with a plethora of expectations and promise to do my part to clean up my act. Care to join me?


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