By Roger Harnack

Ferguson pushes for more gun control legislation

Background checks on ammo, magazine size and military-style features targeted


Last updated 12/13/2019 at 12:43am

SEATTLE – Despite an ethics complaint and overcoming thousands of affidavits of complaining witness earlier this year for his involvement in anti-gun Initiative 1639, State Attorney General Bob Ferguson is again taking aim at firearms.

On Thursday, Ferguson has announced that he will push for more anti-firearm legislation to be introduced during the Legislative session that begins Jan. 13.

Ferguson said he wants legislation to limit magazines and clips to a maximum of 10 bullets, ban “assault-style” weapons and require background checks for ammunition purchases.

His push for more anti-firearm legislation comes after his staunch support last year for I-1639.

That measure, which went mostly into effect July 1, redefined semi-automatic rifles as “assault rifles,” mandated increased background check procedures, made it illegal for adults ages 18-20 to own and possess a semi-automatic rifle, and required firearms dealers to sell gun safes and trigger locks. The law also made owners criminally responsible if their firearms were used in the commission of a crime, even if the gun was stolen.

Under his new call for firearm restrictions, Ferguson wants any gun with at least one military-style feature to be banned.

Gov. Jay Inslee, D-Bainbridge Island, is backing Ferguson.

“By limiting magazine capacity and banning assault weapons, we can work toward a day where no one in Washington state loses a friend or family members to senseless gun violence,” he said.

Inslee, who also supported I-1639, is up for re-election in 2020.

Among his challengers are Republic Police Chief Loren Culp, who made headlines last year after being the first law enforcement officer to refuse to enforce the provisions of I-1639, which he called unconstitutional.

Culp's opposition led to a revolt against the measure in which sheriff's in 22 of the state's 39 counties also refused to enforce the measure.

Others entering the gubernatorial race include initiative guru and independent Tim Eyman, and Republicans Sen. Phil Fortunato of Auburn, Joshua Freed of Bothell and Anton Sakharov of Issaquah.

I-1639 is being challenged in court by the Second Amendment Foundation and the National Rifle Association.

I-1639 failed by large margins in 18 of 22 Eastern Washington counties.

East of the Cascades, voters in only Spokane and Whitman counties approved the measure.

In Lincoln County, 75.09% rejected the measure. Lincoln County led the state with the largest percentage of opposition.

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