Vaccination: It's your choice

It's time to decide if you want a COVID vaccination.

If you want to take a precaution to help you avoid contracting COVID, then you can accept a free vaccination.

If you don't want a new COVID vaccine, you can turn down the free vaccination.

It's that simple. You are free to decide what you want to do with your body.

The ugliest side effect of the COVID vaccinations is the nasty, bullying attitude affecting some people. I keep speaking with people and business owners about how badly people treat others when their opinions on the matter don't match.

"This is science!"

No, it's about freedom.

Science is testing millions of people taking the vaccines and providing feedback that they work. The U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) approved them by putting the vaccines at the front of the approval line to help save lives.

If you don't trust the government, meaning the FDA, then that is probably part of your reasoning to turn down a vaccination. It's ok. You can distrust the government. I get it.

But, it isn't a license to be a jackass. You don't need to condemn people who want it or wear a mask, or even the store owner requiring masks. Baristas and store clerks don't need a face full of arrogant rage based on your opinion or choice.

Not so fast anti-maskers. You aren't off the hook for your bad behavior. I understand how you don't like being told what to do, especially when it's forced upon you by the government. I've heard your reasoning, but none of it excuses your pitiful personal tirades again people who disagree with you.

If a store requires masks, you have the freedom to choose to shop there or go somewhere else. Don't walk in and yell at employees pointing out store policy. No one cares about your opinion when you deliver it loud and rudely. You're just as big of a jerk as the ones screaming to wear them.

We live in small communities in Whitman County. That goes for you too Pullman. Our community is a wonderful bunch of folks and a few bad ones. The big city culture of being rude and obnoxious to strangers doesn't fly in towns where we still wave at each other and rush to help our neighbors.

If you are upset at what our state is doing about the pandemic, then register to run for office and remember the elected decision-makers when you vote.

Regardless of where you stand on vaccinations or wearing masks, trusting the government or your doctor, you should take a moment before you unload all of your frustration on someone who doesn't deserve it. The store clerk or social media "friend" doesn't deserve to be bullied. You don't deserve to be labeled a jackass or a troll.

-Bill Stevenson is the editor of the Whitman County Gazette and can be reached for question or comment at [email protected]

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Bill Stevenson, Retired editor

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Bill Stevenson is a retired editor of the Whitman County Gazette, Colfax Daily Bulletin and Franklin Connection. He had nearly 30 years of journalism experience covering news in Eastern Washington.


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