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Cathy McMorris Rogers escapes again

Letter to the Editor


Last updated 3/18/2021 at 11:53am

Wow, our representative for U.S. Congress, Cathy McMorris Rodgers is so lucky. She has continued to vote with the majority of the Republicans to make life harder for most people in Eastern Washington. Yet, she loses most of the time, as the Democrats push forward bills that improve lives and lighten the financial load for most people.

Our representative has a stellar record of voting more than 60 times against better healthcare for the American people. Against the Affordable Care Act. Then, she voted against Expanding Voting Rights (HR 1), most of which Washington state successfully implemented more than 10 years ago.

CMR is against expanding voter registration, is for gerrymandering, is for hiding “dark money” in campaigns and not requiring voting systems be backed up by auditable paper ballots. Thus CMR is opposed to the very progressive election system for which Washington state is known, and managed by our extremely competent state election official, Kim Wyman, a Republican.

And she voted against Addressing Police Misconduct (HR 1280). CMR does not want to give federal authorities more tools for preventing and prosecuting abusive and discriminatory conduct by local, state and federal officials.

Lastly, her really damaging vote was against the $1.9 trillion Covid Relief bill. So, remember when you receive your stimulus check, CMR voted against it.

Can you imagine what the United States would be like if CMR had her way? She is lucky that her positions get voted down most of the time.

I wonder if her supporters are aware of her activities in Washington, D.C. and approve of her voting record.

Nancy Street



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