Two charged with drug possession immediately released

SPOKANE- Jordan G. Swanson 32, and Stacie L. Zimmerman 32, were suspects for possession of illegal drugs. The two were booked but before the deputy could leave both Swanson and Zimmerman were released.

November 9th, approximately 10:00 am, Deputies were dispatched to the parking lot of Fred Meyer, 12120 N. Division Street.

A caller reported seeing two people passed out inside a white Pontiac. When deputies arrived they contacted store security, which were aware of the incident and stated the female was in the store.

Deputies approached the vehicle they had seen a Swanson slumped over and passed out. He was holding a clear plastic bag with multiple small round blue pills, which was believed to be fentanyl.

When Swanson woke, he saw the deputies and imminently tried to hide the pills in the center console. As he exited the vehicle a large cloud of smoke was seen coming out of the car. Swanson was detained and was advised his rights, he chose to remain silent not identifying himself.

One deputy entered the store and located Zimmerman. She was detained and brought back to the vehicle, she was advised her rights as well and agreed to answer questions.

She claimed to be driving the car earlier and declined to consent to a search of the vehicle.

A check of Swanson’s name revealed an active misdemeanor warrant for reckless driving, for his arrest. A search warrant was granted and during the search deputies found a bag containing 29 small blue pills believed to contain fentanyl near the center console.

Another bag was found containing pieces of white crystalline substance (methamphetamine). There were also three suboxone pouches, a glass smoking pipe containing brown/ white residue.

Zimmerman was transported and booked into the County Jail for possession of controlled substance. Swanson was also transported and booked into the County Jail for a misdemeanor warrant and two counts of position of a controlled substance (methamphetamine and Fentanyl).

As deputies were leaving the Jail parking lot to book the seized evidence into property and complete reports. Deputies saw the two leaving the jail.


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