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Last updated 3/26/2021 at 10:41am

I came very close to sending a letter last week about the front page article and photograph of the man on the ground in handcuffs surrounded by four well-armed white officers disturbed me greatly at first glance. 

I think it’s safe to say that most of us are beyond fatigued by the past few years of dissension and political and social unrest. For that reason, I didn’t send a letter — but the next week’s paper, featuring three other viewpoints mirroring my own thoughts and reactions to both the article and the choice to publish that photograph, encourages me to stay civically engaged.

I forced myself to read the entire article. For one thing, it offered no cogent, cohesive facts. I was yet again frustrated by reading articles that leave me with more questions than answers. That’s one thing. But the choice to publish the photograph was, in my opinion, a poor journalistic decision.

Publishing the photo showed lack of respect for a human, “guilty” or not. The human was subdued and no longer a threat to the public or the officers. Without going into discussing whether “would the photo had been published if it were a white suspect,” the photo was just plain not newsworthy or unique and did nothing to enhance what was in essence a police blotter report.

I want to support my local print newspaper, but the editor’s choice to publish this photo was a poor editorial decision. Cost vs. benefit in this case was a slam-dunk.

The Cheney Free Press is a citizen of Cheney, and has an obligation as such to be a good citizen and not “fan flames.” I subscribe because I hope for a source of objective, helpful public information.

This was neither.

Molly Kennington



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