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It's Democrats who won't accept election results

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Last updated 8/6/2020 at 10:53am

In his column, contributor Mel Gurov frets that President Trump might not accept the results of the fall election if they are not in his favor and sheds considerable crocodile tears over the consequence to democracy. Honestly, Mr. Gurov, where have you been for the last four years? Neither the President nor his adoptive party are the ones threatening representative government.

The members of the inaptly named Democratic Party have done everything in their power to reject the 2016 election and undermine the Trump administration. On inauguration day, Democrats boycotted the event celebrating the peaceful transition of power and defamed the integrity of U.S. elections.

Since that time they have broken all rules of conduct, slandered and defamed judicial nominations and done everything in their power to prevent the administration from functioning. These efforts culminated in an impeachment based on a demonstrably false narrative. Something that could reasonably be called a coup attempt.

Now Democrats are relishing the prospect of a new 21st-century Maoist cultural revolution. Traitors are erecting “autonomous zones” in major cities. Democrats are heeding calls to “defund police” at a time they’re needed the most.

People are being fired for saying “all lives matter” slandered, de-platformed and suppressed for daring to disagree with the Democrats’ far-left narrative, while people who commit acts of terrorism go unpunished. Apparently taking 1984 as a guide and not a warning, the Democrats have decided that the ends justify the means and little things like democracy are valuable to them only as a means to power. 

So I pose the question again to Mel or anyone else who cares to listen — if the Democrats won’t honor the results of elections why should anyone else? You have chosen to seek power over others at any price,  I wonder what bill we will all end up paying for your hubris.

Casey Romain, 



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