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Disappointed vote for 976 didn't change anything

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Last updated 12/12/2019 at 11:34am

How many years has Eastern Washington and Spokane county been paying higher license tab prices while the North South freeway has gone nowhere near being completed. Thankfully Eastern Washington is a dryer climate otherwise it would be buried in moss, mushrooms and ferns to be discovered hundreds of years from now by archaeologists speculating what is was meant to be.

It is my understanding that Washington state ranks third in the nation in paying the highest gas taxes, fourth in the nation for combined state and sales taxes and it collects millions of dollars in revenue from, in my opinion, insane “Pay as you go” toll roads and the 520 bridge toll  on the West side.

A number of huge corporations such as Amazon, Microsoft and the like spent $2.9 million for the campaign against I-976, putting the fear of God into the voters of the state not to vote for the $30 license tabs. Amazon and Microsoft made a killing from the incredible tax cuts voted, in my opinion, by a party that doesn’t give an ounce of fecal matter for the average working class, the working poor and those living on fixed incomes.

I have read that in 2018 Amazon’s revenue was $72.4 billion and Microsoft’s was$30.1 billion. Microsoft had a net income of $8.9 billion. How much have the huge corporations actually invested in our transportation system?

I voted yes for I-976 in hopes to save a few more dollars a year. Am I surprised that Seattle is contesting the vote? No! Am I surprised the state is being punitive by saying the North South corridor is on hold forever? No!

Nothing happened when we paid higher tab fees and the huge corporations don’t seem to be investing their tax breaks where it is needed most. Disappointed my vote for change even though in majority on I-976 may not count.

P.S., I grew up on the West side and got fed up with the I-5 and I-405 parking lots along with all the concrete and steel which I worry will happen here.

Janet Smith



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