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By Roger Harnack

Cheney School District levy pulls ahead

Two-year, $4.274 million capital facilities measure trailing by just 22 votes Tuesday night


Last updated 11/8/2019 at 9:57am

Updated Nov. 8 at 9:50 a.m.

CHENEY -- Cheney School District's $4.274 million capital facilities levy was narrowly passing after two more days of ballot counts.

With another count of the remaining 33,000 ballots coming today (Nov. 8), the levy winning by a margin of 179 votes, 3,276 -- 3,097. The levy was receiving 51.40 percent of the vote.

There were no other significant changes in other races, other than candidates and measures winning increased their margins.

CHENEY – It's simply too close to call, and it may remain that way for several days.

As of the end of ballot counting in Tuesday night's general election, Cheney School District Proposition No. 1 was failing by 22 votes.

The $4.274 million capital facilities levy was proposed to provide revenue to fund expanding educational facilities in the district due to dramatic growth in the student population, officials said. If approved, the levy would collect 50 cents per $1,000 assessed property value, or $100 on a home valued at $100,000.

The levy would be in addition to a current school tax rate of $4.64 per $1,000 valuation.

As of Tuesday night, 2,189 voters, or 50.25 percent, opposed the levy while 2,167 favored it.

Spokane County election figures showed 108 under votes.

County officials said the preliminary tally may continue to change for several days as 330,406 ballots were mailed to voters county-wide, but only 84,364 have been returned, so far. That's a voter turnout of 25.53 percent.

Elections officials did not say how many of those ballots are from voters in the Cheney School District.

In other preliminary results for the West Plains area:

Airway Heights City Council

Position No. 3

Veronica Messing 95.85%

Position No. 5

Larry Bowman 61.81%

Jared LaCambra 36.11%

Position No. 7

Jennifer Morton 59.95%

Sarah Slater 37.30%

Cheney City Council

Position No. 2

Vincent Barthels 96.82%

Position No. 5

Ryan Gaard 97.72%

Position No. 6

Allan Gainer 38.62%

Jill Weiszmann 60.74%

Position No. 7

Dan Hillman 40.92%

Dan Hilton 57.37%

Cheney School District

Proposition 1

Yes 49.75%

No 50.25%

Director District No. 3

Henry C. Browne Jr. 54.97%

James “Sonny” Weathers 43.11%

Director District No. 4

Stacy Nicol 96.96%

Director District No. 5

William “Bill” Johns 39.84%

Mitch Swenson 58.33%

Four Lakes Water District

Commissioner No. 1

Ed Rutledge 96.08%

Commissioner No. 2

Jeremy Valdez 95.83%

Medical Lake City Council

Position No. 1

Donald Kennedy 96.59%

Position No. 2

Elizabeth Rosenbeck 95.76%

Position No. 5

Mitch Hardin 42.43%

Arthur Kulibert 56.33%

Position No. 6

Heather Starr 96.54%

Position No. 7

Jessica Roberts 96.79%

Medical Lake School District

Director District No. 2

Rod VonLehe 96.52%

Director District No. 3

Felicia Jensen 46.60%

Laura Parsons 52.02%

Director District No. 4

Ron Cooper 96.34%

Spokane County Fire District No. 3 (Cheney)

Commissioner Position No. 1

Sharon J. Colby 54.93%

Michael Heiydt 43.45%

Spokane County Fire District No. 10 (Airway Heights)

Commissioner Position No. 1

Kevin Haughton 45.54%

Gordon Hester 53.94%

Williams Lake Sewer District

Position No. 3

James Cattin 95.45%

Statewide measures

(Spokane County tally only)

Referendum 88

Approved 42.57%

Rejected 57.43%

Initiative 976

Yes 56.12%

No 43.88%

Constitutional Amendment SJR 8200

Approved 60.15%

Rejected 39.85%

Advisory Vote 20

Repealed 69.53%

Maintained 30.47%

Advisory Vote 21

Repealed 67.08%

Maintained 32.92%

Advisory Vote 22

Repealed 69.50%

Maintained 30.50%

Advisory Vote 23

Repealed 35.79%

Maintained 64.21%

Advisory Vote 24

Repealed 69.44%

Maintained 30.56%

Advisory Vote 25

Repealed 62.09%

Maintained 37.91%

Advisory Vote 26

Repealed 61.80%

Maintained 38.20%

Advisory Vote 27

Repealed 69.17%

Maintained 30.83%

Advisory Vote 28

Repealed 50.04%

Maintained 49.96%

Advisory Vote 29

Repealed 69.24%

Maintained 30.76%

Advisory Vote 30

Repealed 61.92%

Maintained 38.08%

Advisory Vote 31

Repealed 49.85%

Maintained 50.15%

Election numbers may change until Nov. 26, when the Spokane County Canvassing Board will meet to certify and forward the results to the Secretary of State Kim Wyman. The Secretary of State has until Dec. 5 to certify final election figures.

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