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McMorris Rodgers represents middle class, unity

Letter to the Editor


I am not your typical Republican. When I was younger I always considered myself an independent and as I have matured, I have found myself becoming more and more conservative.  

I have no personal connection to Cathy McMorris Rodgers. I knew that she represented Eastern Washington in Congress, but not much more than that. I started seeing ads for Lisa Brown and hearing people talk about her and decided to look for myself.

The first thing that bothered me was that in the early campaign days, Lisa did not affiliate herself with any political party. Big red flag.

Then I see that she supports increasing taxes, she supports a state income tax and, worst of all, she raised college tuition over 80 percent in just five years. And then she took a $360,000 a year salary at WSU. 

The kicker was Lisa’s latest ad that claims that she doesn’t take PAC money. But she does, she takes hundreds of thousands of dollars from corporate PAC’s. 

All of these things lead me to understand that Lisa Brown does not represent me.  

So what about Cathy McMorris Rodgers? I started looking at her profiles and her records and here’s what I found. Cathy is working for the middle class family. Unemployment rates are at 4 percent. The economy is booming, the military is being revived.

And the biggest thing about Cathy that excites me is that she offers a message of political unity. Unity to disagree and still be friends, a rare thing in this day and age of social media and hiding behind a keyboard. I believe that this attitude of Cathy’s is exactly what our country and our Congress needs right now.  

I have come to the conclusion that Cathy McMorris Rodgers does represent me.

Shelli Dickinson

Liberty Lake


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