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Don't condemn pit bulls, educate owners

Letter to the Editor


In response to the letter about banning pit bulls (Cheney Free Press, June 7). I’ve worked with them in stressful shelter situations, and found them to be just like any other dog. How their owners treated/trained them greatly influences how they will act.

The Pitties I worked with were wonderful, calm, and very good dogs.

Perhaps your neighbors would benefit from a visit of SCRAPS personnel who could encourage the owners to participate in some training classes, as well as socialization classes. It sounds as if they’ve been lax in this and now is the time to fix the problem, before the dogs become victims of owner ignorance. (Shelters are full of dogs thrown away because of ignorant/uncaring owners.)

Any dog can be aggressive/bite/etc. It’s usually determined by how their people helped them develop. Remember, in the early years, these dogs were added to families as children/family member protectors. They can have gentle souls if raised by responsible people. Instead of condemning the breed, “educate” the owners.

Roseanne Anderson



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