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CNN's Wolf Blitzer needs fact-checking intern

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Last updated 12/24/2015 at 9:35am

We rely on the media to keep our leaders honest and accountable. Sadly the last debate showed that the moderators are either stupid or lazy. Here are a few examples of the lack of knowledge by the candidates and the hosts.

Jeb Bush says we can’t disallow Muslims into America. “That would upset our Kurdish allies who are all Muslim.” Fact Kurds are not Arabs, and they practice 6-10 forms of religion. Some Kurds are Muslims. Grade: D-

Rand Paul says “Mr. Trump you can’t take away the first amendment, you can’t change the Constitution.” Fact the Constitution has been changed 27 times. Grade F

Donald Trump wants to control access to the Internet. Fact Abraham Lincoln had opposition newspapers shut down and equipment destroyed during wartime. Grade: C+

Carly Fiorina says, “I would not talk to Putin because Reagan walked away at Reykjavik.” Fact Reagan and Gorbachev met privately and had a world saving conversation one on one at Reykjavik. Grade: F

John Kasich says “Western Powers drew the map of modern day Iraq after WWI.” Fact Winston Churchill drew it privately over his lunch hour with no other input. Grade D+

Chris Christie says, “San Bernadino showed us that women can commit horrific acts in the name of terror just like men.” Fact: The first human to use a suicide belt was a woman from Sri Lanka; she killed the leader of India. Also see female participation in Vietnam, and Chechnya, and terrorist attacks in Belsan Russia to name a few. Grade F

Dr. Ben Carson says, “The grandchildren of B-52 pilots are still flying these planes.” Fact the avionics has all been updated. The airframes are what are old. So don’t drive a muscle car from the 1950s either. Grade C+

Jeb Bush says, “Assad must go because he has terrorized the Sunnis living in Syria.” Fact Assad has historically protected all religions and practices political patronage not genocide. Grade C-

Trump was attacked from all sides for wanting to limit “Muslim immigration.” Fact Franklin Roosevelt put Japanese America citizens in prison camps during wartime. Grade for media F-

Trump says “the wives and girlfriends of the 9/11 hijackers left America to watch attacks from Saudi Arabia.” Fact only two of them were married. The rest when not learning to fly or working out at the gym were drinking at strip clubs. Some Saudis left America but they were no relation to hijackers. Grade B-

Rand Paul championed defense of the constitution all night long. Fact Abe Lincoln as a dictator had the state lawmakers in Maryland arrested to prevent secession during war. Grade F

Feel free to check my facts, as apparently the media has neither the will nor the budget to do so. Also please let your candidate know they need better preparation.

Phil Kiver is a conservative author, Iraq/Afghanistan Army veteran and doctoral candidate at Henley-Putnam University.

Disclaimer: The views expressed in this commentary do not necessarily reflect those of the Cheney Free Press.


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