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Ruts in Cheney's brick crosswalks cause damage to cars

I am writing this letter to address the issue of the brick crosswalks in downtown Cheney.

Is it going to take someone having an accident before someone notices? I have driven over those many times and worried about damaging my car. That was the worst idea any one has ever had in this town. What were they thinking?

We have plows and ice heaves in Cheney. I wish someone would please address this before something bad happens.

Patricia Cox


Compromise doesn't exist in today's political atmosphere

America was born as a result of the “Great Compromise” which gave us two chambers of Congress: the Senate and the House of Representatives.  Without the willingness and ability to compromise, most of our laws over the centuries would not have been passed and enacted. Compromise is the very essence of being American.

So, if candidates for political office or elected officials decide to forego this ability to compromise, then they in essence forfeit the ability to be effective legislators.

Today, Congress has received its lowest results in U.S. history from public opinion polls on its effectiveness. One reason for this is probably the lack of the ability for conservative members of Congress to compromise regarding the American budget deficit.  Many have signed oaths not to even consider any tax hikes - only spending cuts. This will eliminate any possibility for negotiations, resulting in legislation stalemate and continued low public opinion.

I would urge all voters in the upcoming elections to consider voting for those candidates or elected officials who are still willing to compromise once in office.  It is the American way, and the only way to move forward.

Steve Schwalbe

EWU professor


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