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Too much election corruption

I have been following Representative Cathy McMorris Rodgers’s voting record for more than 10 years.  She has a consistent record in supporting deregulation and “freedom.” Just recently, according to the Thomas Voting... — Updated 11/14/2019

 By DON C. BRUNELL    Opinion 

Greatest generation quickly slipping into history

Just before Veterans Day, the last known survivor of the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor died at age 98. With the passing of George Hursey of Massachusetts, it closed that chapter o... — Updated 11/14/2019


Foreign adversaries don't act to make America great

In my 20 years of military service followed by over two decades of national security work in intelligence, counterintelligence and information operations, I recognized the former Soviet Union, now the Russian Federation, as a... — Updated 11/14/2019

 By FRANK WATSON    Opinion 

Legislature should listen to the voice of the people

The House has decided to make the closed door inquiry an official impeachment process. The headlines indicated that they had enough votes to unveil their activities. I heard rumors that some Democrats were going to vote against it,... — Updated 11/14/2019

 By Lee Hughes    Opinion 

Of civics and being Americans worth fighting for

At a recent high school assembly marking Veterans Day, keynote speaker retired Gen. Neal Sealock suggested that students be the “kind of American worth fighting for.” He defined... — Updated 11/14/2019


You can't legislate a good economy

Mr. Daugharty (Letters, Oct. 17) clearly needs help interpreting history (and economics). Indeed the passage of the 1938 Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA) was necessary at the time — it established minimum wages at 25 cents an... — Updated 11/8/2019


Thanks Cheney for another successful coat drive

You did it again, Cheney. It will be a warmer winter for many thanks to the hard work and generosity of the Cheney community. A total of 422 coats were donated to this year’s coat drive. Of those, 360 were given away at three... — Updated 11/8/2019


Programs could help veterans become the next generation of producers 

With the average age of a U.S. farmer at nearly 60 years, and millions of acres expected to change hands over the next few years, military veterans have a key role to play as the nation looks for the next generation of producers.... — Updated 11/8/2019

 By FRANK WATSON    Opinion

Who is governing the country these days?

The House has decided to make the closed door inquiry an official impeachment process. The headlines indicated that they had enough votes to unveil their activities. I heard rumors that some Democrats were going to vote against it,... — Updated 11/8/2019

 By Roger Harnack    Opinion

Don't use taxpayer resources to campaign

To taxpayers, it’s just plain common sense. Elected officials, government employees and supporting boards and agencies cannot use taxpayer resources to campaign for or against a c... — Updated 11/8/2019


Please, exercise your right and vote Nov. 5

Please vote! It is not required that you know everything about everything on the ballot. If you know something about an issue, then vote. If you do not then you can leave it blank. If you are disgusted with all of it then send in... — Updated 10/31/2019

 By FRANK WATSON    Opinion

The Generation Gap - or how technology has improved our lives and we didn't even know it

My kids caught me reading a book. An actual book, printed with ink on real paper. I was lectured about my abuse of the planet and was told how many trees went into making paper. Paper that would likely line the bottom of our... — Updated 10/31/2019

 By KARY LOVE    Opinion

Of course a U.S. president can murder somebody without legal jeopardy - ain't that great!

During his campaign for president, Donald Trump said that he could “stand in the middle of Fifth Avenue and shoot somebody” without losing voters.            Now, in a case before the Second Circuit Court of Appeals... — Updated 10/31/2019

 By JOHN McCALLUM    Opinion

Relinquishing power needs more discussion

Buried in the back of your voter’s pamphlet is a little discussed vote on Senate Joint Resolution 8200. The measure cleared both the state Senate and House with comfortable,... — Updated 10/31/2019


Yes vote on Cheney Schools levy needed

The Cheney School District passed a capital projects bond in 2017 to remodel and improve several schools. Many of the projects are finished on time and under budget. The high school will be completed May of 2020. Citizens of the di... — Updated 10/24/2019


Cheney School District levy numbers work

I am writing this letter in support of the Capital Levy being proposed by the Cheney School District. This levy makes TOTAL sense. We need to make the community aware of the projected growth that will most likely take place over... — Updated 10/24/2019

 By MARIYA FROST    Opinion

Per-mile tax should be constitutionally protected for highways only

The Washington State Transportation Commission, which has led the effort to study, test and report back to the Legislature on the feasibility of a road-usage charge, agrees the money drivers would pay should be protected for... — Updated 10/24/2019

 By FRANK WATSON    Opinion

Departments making own rules are not responsible to public

There is a branch of our government that is independent of the three branches we study in school. This branch usually operates in the shadows overlooked by both the people and the Legislature. It makes its own rules with the same... — Updated 10/24/2019

 By Roger Harnack    Opinion

Yes on car tabs, no on affirmative action

Amid the myriad of topics and candidates on this year’s general election ballot, voters in our state already have a 20-year tradition when it comes to two measures. Statewide,... — Updated 10/24/2019


Time to hold this administration accountable

It would be wonderful to see President Trump’s tax returns and a breakdown of all expenses of his and his family’s trips to their golf courses and hotels since taking office, along with a tally of the profits he is making... — Updated 10/17/2019


Watson should step out of his flight boots - Letter to the Editor

Like Frank Watson, I’m also a Vietnam-era, retired Air Force officer, with similar life experiences, and yet my values are very different. For example, Frank’s dire warning against the evils of socialism (CFP, 8/1/19) is... — Updated 10/17/2019


Hughes hits the issues on the head

I commend Lee Hughes for his fine Write to the Point opinion column of Oct. 3, 2019. He documents the fallacies proclaimed by Frank Watson and Don Brunell. Unfortunately, the latter two gentlemen and others who write articles... — Updated 10/17/2019

 By FRANK WATSON    Opinion

Once useful to workers, unions have run their course

The United Auto Workers Union strike against General Motors has entered its second month with no end in sight. They are using tactics developed years ago when the big three automakers ruled the industry. Rather than strike across... — Updated 10/17/2019

 By TIM EYMAN    Opinion

Reject dishonest vehicle taxes, vote yes on I-976

Taxpayers are getting ripped off, everybody knows it, and politicians refuse to fix it. That’s why 352,000 voters signed petitions to get Initiative 976 on the ballot. Taxing a $10,000 vehicle like it’s $25,000 is fraud. I-976... — Updated 10/17/2019

 By Lee Hughes    Opinion

I-976, the newest car tab debacle

“Buy the ticket, take the ride,” or so wrote journalist Hunter S. Thompson in his book “Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas.” While the context of Thompson’s comment was... — Updated 10/17/2019


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