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Creating welcoming communities across America

Across rural America, demographics are changing, and community leaders are redefining what makes their small towns successful and vibrant. Traditionally, a prosperous community is defined as economically viable, with enough... — Updated 2/6/2020

 By DON C. BRUNELL    Opinion

Keeping health workers healthy is key to fighting deadly diseases

Keeping hospitals and health workers healthy is key to fighting diseases. With new and more deadly viruses, the job is more challenging. Although the coronavirus has captured the... — Updated 2/6/2020

 By FRANK WATSON    Opinion

Messing with nature has consequences

The state Legislature has directed the Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife to remove the catch limits on bass, walleye and channel catfish in all waters of the state where they coexist with salmon. It seems that someone in... — Updated 2/6/2020


Bolton would be important impeachment witness

Republicans are not stupid. They know that if there are no witnesses and no evidence there is really no impeachment trial. They know that former National Security Adviser John Bolton would be the most important impeachment... — Updated 1/31/2020

 By DON C. BRUNELL    Opinion

Copper making comeback as major disease fighter

Government leaders, doctors, and medical researchers worldwide are working feverishly to stop the spread of the coronavirus and keep it from becoming a global pandemic. Wuhan, one... — Updated 1/30/2020

 By FRANK WATSON    Opinion

It's the elected elite who reign in Olympia

Oligarchy. I like the sound of the word. It kind of rolls off the tongue, but I don’t like it as a form of government. Winning an election does not grant the victor wisdom beyond those of us who have never run for office. Those... — Updated 1/30/2020


Theocracy claims more about smearing Shea

You write that Matt Shea wants to build a theocracy (“The theocracy of Liberty State,” CFP Dec. 26, 2019) and that is ridiculous. Obviously you have never interviewed him or researched his proposal for a 51st State. You just... — Updated 1/23/2020

 By DON C. BRUNELL    Opinion

Dams are the Pacific Northwest's flood busters

A year ago, much of America’s heartland was inundated by Missouri River flood waters. At least 1 million acres of U.S. farmland in nine major grain producing states were under... — Updated 1/23/2020

 By JOHN McCALLUM    Opinion

It's OK to be able to change your mind

In his daily commentary on Jan. 21, veteran political commentator Chris Cilliza pointed to a recent poll by Gallup that reflected an 82-point partisan gap between Republicans and Democrats over approval of the job President Donald... — Updated 1/23/2020


Far from the sea and behind unaffected doors

Last night (Jan. 9) I watched the opening of “Just Mercy” with several Black American friends. After the movie, a woman in the bathroom stall next to me was weeping. A very well-educated man I have tremendous respect for said... — Updated 1/16/2020


REAL life in these United States

In response to Nancy Street’s letter on Jan. 9, I’d like to give a positive look at our lives in the United States. Yes, we sit in our comfortable houses watching TV, read the sports pages, tailgate with our friends, go to the... — Updated 1/16/2020

 By FRED OBEE    Opinion

Shielding public employee birthdates isn't about privacy

The Washington State Legislature once again is attempting to make government records more obscure, this time by trying to shield public employee birthdates from disclosure with the introduction of HB 1888. Rep. Zack Hudgins, of... — Updated 1/16/2020

 By MATT SHEA    Opinion

Matt Shea says 'domestic terrorist' claims are lies

Under our Constitution, anyone accused of a crime has right to see all the evidence against them, to face their accusers, and to call witnesses in their defense. I have been falsely accused of being a “domestic terrorist” by a... — Updated 1/16/2020


True impacts of Suleimani killing not considered

On Friday, an American drone fired missiles into a convoy leaving the Baghdad airport and killed Maj. Gen. Qassim Suleimani, who for decades has led Iran’s Quds Force of the Islamic Revolutionary Guards Corps. Several officials... — Updated 1/9/2020

 By JOHN McCALLUM    Opinion

A healthy community expresses itself

It’s the New Year, and with that come the traditional New Year’s resolutions. I’m not a proponent of New Year’s resolutions. I’ve tried them in the past a couple times and they never last more than a few weeks. And as my... — Updated 1/9/2020


Fish and Wildlife must live within its budget

The Department of Fish and Wildlife needs to live with in the budget they have or make cuts. They need to stop buying land (“Access to public lands too expensive,” CFP, 12/19/2010) and restricting the pubic use of state lands.... — Updated 1/2/2020


Fish and Wildlife plays important state role

Eastern Washington is noted for the recreational activities it offers, including — hunting, fishing, hiking, boating, kayaking, canoeing, paddle boarding and many others. People come from all over to enjoy the natural resources... — Updated 1/2/2020


Fish and Wildlife lands loss part of larger agenda

I read your column regarding the state Department of Fish and Wildlife land holdings. You are spot on on your analysis of the situations stated and solutions that would solve it. Unfortunately, this is happening all over the U.S.... — Updated 1/2/2020

 By SHARI CLARKE    Opinion

Free Press article on hate crime lacks cultural sensitivity

On behalf of the EWU campus community, I express my heartfelt thanks to the citizens of Cheney who support the diversity of people and perspectives throughout our community.  Recognizing that we are all different and all persons... — Updated 1/2/2020

 By Roger Harnack    Opinion

State agency should back off land buys

Earlier this month, state Department of Fish and Wildlife Director officials said they needed an additional $26 million to effectively manage its existing lands and programs. They s... — Updated 12/31/2019

 By DON C. BRUNELL    Opinion

Caring local small businesses make ours 'A Wonderful Life'

At Christmas, millions watch the 1946 movie classic, “It’s a Wonderful Life.” While it is labeled “fantasy drama”, the show gives us a glimpse of reality and reminds us... — Updated 12/28/2019


Watson believes rich people work harder

An ad in Washington DC reads, “Do you need to attend a congressional or judicial hearing but don’t have the time to stand in line? We provide professional, competitively priced line-standing and seat holding services for congre... — Updated 12/28/2019

 By FRANK WATSON    Opinion

Has politics become a rich man's club?

After the 2016 election, I wondered if only the filthy rich would be able to run for president. Hillary Clinton, with a net worth of around $35 million, was the Democratic favorite, and her only challenger was Bernie Sanders. Not... — Updated 12/28/2019

 By Lee Hughes    Opinion

The theocracy of Liberty State

As has been widely reported, Rep. Matt Shea (R-Spokane Valley) has been labeled a “domestic terrorist” after the Washington State House of Representatives commissioned an... — Updated 12/28/2019


The outs and ins of Christmas

By JOHN McCALLUM Managing Editor I’ve been thinking about Christmas. Right, haven’t we all. Or at least most of us in some way. According to a 2019 report by SafeHome.org using data from various Pew Research Center surveys,... — Updated 12/19/2019


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