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Would front page photo be same if white suspect?

What a jarring image of a shackled Black man on the ground on the front page of last week’s Cheney Free Press (March 4). I can’t help but wonder if a white suspect would have been similarly depicted. Kristin Mansfield... — Updated 3/11/2021


Is it poor reporting or is it poor policing?

On Friday, March 5, my friend texted me and asked what I thought of the picture on the front page of this week’s (March 4) Free Press. I had not gotten the paper yet, so had to wait to respond. Cheney cops standing around while... — Updated 3/11/2021


Picture selection shows tone deafness to times

I was disappointed by the picture chosen for the front page of last week’s Free Press (March 4). In the current climate and awareness of Black Lives Matter, I felt the picture was in very poor taste. I don’t question the... — Updated 3/11/2021

 By SEN. JEFF HOLY    Opinion

Bill would protect health-care workers battling pandemic

Ever since COVID-19 reached America a year ago, we’ve seen heroic acts performed by many, especially health-care workers helping those afflicted with this contagious and life-threatening virus.  As the pandemic has spread to... — Updated 3/11/2021


Daylight saving time: Why is this still a thing?

At 2 a.m. on Sunday, March 14, daylight saving time for 2021 will begin, clocks will spring forward an hour, and Washingtonians will once again ask themselves how this annual ritual is even still a thing we all must do. The... — Updated 3/11/2021

 By ROGER HARNACK    Opinion

HB1356 panders to politically correct power brokers

It’s a solution in search of a problem. Lawmakers in Olympia appear to be fast-tracking House Bill 1356, which would ban the use of “racially derogatory or discriminatory... — Updated 3/4/2021


Democrats have many proposals to raise or create taxes

Democrats in Washington’s Legislature traditionally haven’t been shy about raising taxes. This legislative session is no different. In fact, there are several Democrat-sponsored proposals that would increase existing taxes or... — Updated 3/4/2021


Can city really determine accurate occupancy

The Feb. 11 article in the Cheney Free Press entitled “Occupancy, water conservation ordinances head to council,” brings the following question to my mind: How can the city check to see that occupancy rules are being followed?... — Updated 2/25/2021

 By MEL GURTOV    Opinion

Biden's China policy must be confrontational and competitive

The dominant view of China in both Washington and in American public opinion is that the United States faces an increasingly ruthless Chinese leadership, requiring that U.S. policy restrain if not contain China’s malevolent... — Updated 2/25/2021

 By JOHN McCALLUM    Opinion

Impact of 500,000 lessons learned

Monday marked an event I never dreamed I would see in my lifetime. Somewhere in the late morning, the United States crossed the threshold of 500,000 of our fellow American men and women killed by the coronavirus. If you had told... — Updated 2/25/2021


To save lives, clinical trials need diversity

I’ve spent my career fighting for vulnerable patients, especially people of color. So I was ecstatic to hear about a new initiative from dozens of biotech companies. These firms pledged to enroll more people of color in... — Updated 2/18/2021

 By JUDY WARNICK    Opinion

Helping rural communities access affordable housing investments

We are fast approaching the halfway point of the 2021 legislative session. There have been some challenges conducting business as usual for the Legislature during this unusual time in our lives. The governor’s decision to close o... — Updated 2/18/2021


Everyone knows, the emperor has no clothes

As children, we hear many insightful stories that are simple, but often full of meaning. The one mentioned above seems to resonate with what is happening in our country today. Right before our eyes, we are seeing over and over... — Updated 2/18/2021

 By TRENTON BUHR    Opinion

Being a rural advocate at home, in the Capitol

Democracy needs input from citizens to thrive, but figuring out how to share your voice and have an impact on government can be challenging. Whether you are interested in federal, state, or local policy, you can interact directly... — Updated 2/18/2021


Solving pandemic at home may start abroad

The COVID-19 pandemic has had a devastating impact in America. This devastation, in my opinion, is a direct result of a lack of resources. As good folks have been losing jobs and small businesses while waiting for a stimulus check... — Updated 2/11/2021


Fear benefits those who seek to deny rights

People are manipulated through fear. Fear of Saddam Hussein. Fear of terrorism. Fear of climate change. Fear of the corona virus. The politicians and the media, with the help of academia and other recipients of money from the... — Updated 2/11/2021


Let's fix unemployment-insurance problems first creating new ones

The meltdown at the state Department of Employment Security ought to teach us a lesson. It’s easy for government to create problems, not so easy for the Legislature to come back in and clean up the mess. We ought to keep this in... — Updated 2/11/2021

 By DON C. BRUNELL    Opinion

Super Bowl ads: Super expensive, super perplexing

Why would any company spend $5.5 million for a 30-second Super Bowl ad which leaves viewers perplexed as some glitzy and abstract commercials did? After production costs are tacked... — Updated 2/11/2021


Words can reveal writer's political stances

Why are Roger Harnack’s opinion pieces labeled as news articles instead of being in the editorial section (“Gov. Inslee keeps Eastern Washington locked down,” Cheney Free Press online, Jan. 21, 2021). Terms like “so... — Updated 2/5/2021

 By SHARON BROWN    Opinion

Empowering the youth to speak up can help save lives

For a young man, Conner Mertens has had quite an impactful life. Most people know Conner as the brave, vocal activist who made headlines by being the first openly LGBTQ college-football player as a freshman kicker at Willamette... — Updated 2/5/2021

 By ROGER HARNACK    Opinion

Whitman statues should remain, part of history

The culture, heritage and history of Eastern Washington — indeed all of Washington and Oregon history — is under fire again in Olympia. I’m talking about an effort this year... — Updated 2/5/2021


ML levy important to students in many ways

To the Medical Lake Community: Many peers and I value the activities the levy affects, for many reasons it should be supported. My personal experience as a student has been shaped by many resources and activities such as Chromebook... — Updated 1/28/2021


ML school levy dollars cover many needs

It is that time again, where we as citizens get a chance to vote on an upcoming levy to support the Medical Lake School District. This levy was last approved in 2018, so it is not a new one that will increase our costs, but a vote... — Updated 1/28/2021


Legislature must take chronically impaired drivers off the roads

As much as we would love to see an end to impaired driving and with it, the need to keep sponsoring DUI legislation, we unfortunately know there is still much work to be done. Last week the Senate Law and Justice Committee heard... — Updated 1/28/2021


School district funding essential in trying times

I am writing in support of the Feb. 9, 2021 Replacement Levy for the Cheney School District. This levy is vital to our community in the continuation of services, programs and facility improvements to provide high quality... — Updated 1/28/2021


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