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 By Marc Dion    Opinion    November 21, 2013

Jack Kennedy, the last wooden-floor president

When President John F. Kennedy died, the wooden floors started to disappear. People still have wooden floors in their houses, of course, but so many of them in new houses are installed as a kind of a cozy wink. When the wrecking ball took the...

 By Marc Dion    Opinion    October 3, 2013

I guess it doesn't matter anymore

I’m a newspaper reporter. It isn’t good for the stomach, but it can be good for reflection on those quiet, cool autumn night shifts in the middle of the week when nothing’s on fire and the street crime is of the ignorable, drug-driven,...

 By Marc Dion    Opinion    August 29, 2013

Should we ban hammers?

In Brockton, Mass., about 30 minutes from where I live, someone beat a 74-year-old man to death with a hammer. Oddly (or maybe not), I have some experience with hammer attacks. I’ve helped cover two of them in the last 10 years — one fatal, one...

 By Marc Dion    Opinion    July 4, 2013

Rooskies love ratski, and can find plenty in Snowden

So plucky little NSA rat Edward Snowden is safe in Russia, a country that has apparently started to give free speech lessons to America. Beautiful. We used to want to beat the Rooskies in the Olympics; now they’re hiding out our whistleblowers, gai...

 By Marc Dion    Opinion    April 4, 2013

The simple, yet revealing story of a mouse on welfare in the workplace

In the newsroom where I work, there is a mouse, and he is a freeloader, a non-working bum of a mouse addicted to the entitlements of cookies, taco chips, granola bars, candy and all the other wonderful treats to be found in the desk drawers of...

 By Marc Dion    Opinion    March 28, 2013

Obama makes us heroes

If some of your friends are political cranks, then you know the argument. Goes like this: Your town spends, say, $600 providing a “get your picture taken with Santa” event for the local kids. Hopefully, they do it at Christmas “Great,” your...

 By Marc Dion    Opinion    January 3, 2013

Asking for it at every new year

If I lived in a small peasant village thousands of years ago where it was customary to dance naked in the fields on New Year’s Eve to ensure a good growing season, I would be the first to drop his fur britches and start cavorting through the...


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