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  • Worst Seat in the House

    Dale Anderson|Updated Aug 10, 2023

    On Halloween day in 1992 my brother Larry and I went to the UW-Stanford football game in Seattle. I could get complimentary tickets as a coach and let’s just say that Larry was my assistant coach for a day Anyway the plan was to park in Bellevue at a Park and Ride and get on the bus to go to Husky Stadium. After we got off the bus and were walking to the Will Call ticket booth we couldn’t help but notice just how much purple surrounded us. If Barney the dinosaur would have gotten in line we would not have been surprised. We g...

  • Going dancing in sneakers

    Dale Anderson, Sports Columnist|Updated Mar 16, 2023

    On Sunday, the brackets for the 2023 NCAA men’s and women’s basketball tournament were announced. This year’s tournament will have the Gonzaga men and women and the Pac 12 women’s tournament champion WSU Cougars in the mix. I have had the opportunity to see a couple of men’s regionals and one women’s regional final and one NCAA men’s championship game. For all of the years that I have watched the tournament on TV, it is really special to get to watch the games live. The NCAA does try to make the event special and the regio...

  • Worst Seat in the House

    Dale Anderson, Contributor|Updated Oct 6, 2022

    A month ago EWU played Tennessee State and part way through the second half a storm passed by and the fans were instructed to leave the stadium because of lightning strikes nearby. So we did. My buddy Ken and I went to my car while others stood outside throwing footballs or reconnecting at a tailgate party. So that was a late summer storm for eastern Washington. Just this past Saturday the Eagles were scheduled to play the University of Florida Gators in Gainesville. This game was originally scheduled when former EWU QB Jim...

  • Mea Culpa

    Dale Anderson|Updated Jul 28, 2022

    The first thing I need to do is apologize for something I said in the column last week about Root Sports. Evidently the information I received second or third hand was not right. Root has not been purchased by another satellite provider. It seems that the provider that we have chosen has not been able to come to terms with Root Sports. I want to say that I am sorry for the confusion and misinformation that I put in the column a week ago. But if that is the worst thing I did last week then I probably had a pretty good week....

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