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Sara Jean Tyson (Sally)


Sally was born March 5, 1944, in Milwaukee, Wisc. to James and Marian Tyson. The oldest of three children, Sally had two younger brothers: Robert Tyson and James Tyson.

While originally from Wisconsin, James and Marian moved from Milwaukee to Michigan, and then finally settled in Moses Lake, Wash.

Sally grew up in a typical nuclear family of the 50s. In her younger years, Sally was an excellent student, and enjoyed many different activities. Her high school yearbook shows that she enjoyed acting in school plays. Yet from her stories it would seem that her first love may have been water skiing. Always an extravert, Sally performed and competed at the annual Moses Lake water skiing tournament. One of her crowning achievements would be the ability to water ski on nothing more than a canoe paddle.

Following high school, Sally struck out for the "big city" and attended University of Washington. It was here she learned that she did not enjoy living in big cities. Following her freshman year she transferred to Central Washington University and completed her bachelor of arts degree in business.

While attending a party at Central she was bouncing the needle off of an LP record when Sally stated she was brusquely told to stop this behavior by a gentleman in attendance. Apparently the conversation became much more civil over time, because this person, Robert Hodgson, later became her first husband and the father of her children.

During this era Vietnam was in full swing and Robert was an officer in the U.S. Air Force, stationed in Tokyo, Japan. Following her college graduation, Sally bought a one-way plane ticket and left for Tokyo to live and marry Robert. Her time in Japan proved to be one of her greatest adventures and she spoke fondly of this experience.

Once Robert's discharge from the military was completed, Robert and Sally moved to Los Angeles where the couple had two children: David Hodgson and Mark Hodgson.Both Robert and Sally quickly realized they disliked Los Angeles and relocated to Spokane. Sally resided in this general area for the remainder of her life.

Robert passed away in 1979 and Sally later married the love of her life, Bob Mull of Cheney (more towards Medical Lake).

The two lived in the greater Cheney area for the past 16 years. A long-time member of Friends for Children, and other philanthropic endeavors, Sally embraced the community of Medical Lake.

Her efforts towards the community were clearly repaid in kind from the outpouring of friendship, love and support from this community. This was especially evident from those of her friends and neighbors that frequented the One 14 Tavern in Medical Lake. The names are simply too numerous to list.

Sally is survived by her two sons David Hodgson, Mark Hodgson, her brother Robert Tyson, and she was an adoring grandmother to her granddaughter Presley Lynn Hodgson. Sally's wishes were for no formal service. In lieu of flowers or any other gifts, the family has asked that a donation be made to the Medical Lake nonprofit organization known as Friends for Children.


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