July 10, 2014 | Vol. 118 -- No. 12

Mocsulski brothers built a relationship with Mitchell's Harvest Foods customers

Of Cabbages and Kings

Once upon a time, about 35 years ago, Mitchell’s Harvest Foods in Cheney was a little grocery store owned by the Ribas brothers. About that time, two brothers, Mitchell and Ron Moczulski, were on their way here from their home in Ohio, looking around for a grocery store to buy. The two Moczulski brothers found the Ribas brothers’ store, bought it and promptly called it Country Counter. Robin Rickert, the daughter in Mitchell’s family, commented on her father’s ability to work so hard, “My dad has been in business all his life.”

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Robin Rickert
Robin Rickert learned how to work in a grocery store at a young age.

Mitchell Moczulski taught each of his children to...

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