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Sheriff's Office provides online sex offender tracking link



The Spokane County Sheriff’s Office has a quick and efficient method of tracking sex offenders living near resident’s home, business, daycare or other locations. There is a link on the Sheriff’s Office main page, located at titled Sex Offenders Search. 

This application gives users the ability to register by entering their name, address, email address and the radius from the address they input that will show them where level II and III registered sex offenders live. The radius options from the address inputted are .25 miles, .5, 1 or 2. 

Users will be provided with a photograph of the offender, their level, their physical features and an address near their actual, registered address. When new offenders move into the designated area, or radius from the address chosen, the user will receive an email alert with that new information. 

At this point in time, if an offender moves out of the designated area residents will not be notified, but that person will no longer show on the area list of offenders. This application is updated daily and is the most accurate way the Sheriff’s Office can inform the community of the location and nearby addresses of level II and III offenders living in Spokane County. 

This application will take the place of Sheriff’s Office volunteers delivering hard copy notifications to the community.

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