June 19, 2014 | Vol. 118 -- No. 9

Highlighting Cheney's historical high points

New museum exhibit tracks city from founding through mid-20th century - and hopefully further

At one point in time in the early to mid-1900s, Cheney had a business that accounted for one-third of all the cheese produced in Washington, another that shipped a locally invented product around the world, and a favorite son who became governor.

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John McCallum
Cheney Historical Museum director Joan Mamanakis works on elements of the new city timeline exhibit.

If you didn't know these facts, you have a chance to learn about them and more by checking out the Cheney Historical Museum's latest exhibit - a timeline of the city from founding through the mid-20th century. The exhibit, which runs up one side of the museum's center aisle and down the other, is the product of years of accumulating information.


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