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Harvest Bluff development is the latest to break ground on Cheney’s northside


As the weather gets warmer, construction is expected to pick up on Cheney’s newest housing development.

Work so far on the 32-acre, 136-unit Harvest Bluff has consisted of moving some earth around along with running a 12-inch water main extension under Betz Road from the south to the new complex. Cheney planner Brett Lucas said the developer, Copper Basin in Hayden, Idaho, was waiting for the area groundwater table to drop in order to begin more extensive excavation at the site.

With Betz Road bordering it to the south and Murphy Road likewise to the east, Harvest Bluff is the latest addition to Cheney’s ever growing north end. The first phase of the six-phase proposed build-out will consist of 24 lots along the Betz Road portion, with access via an extension of Eighth Street.

The project first received approval in 2008, but the recession depressed the housing market, forcing Harvest Bluff developers to wait until the market had recovered somewhat. Lucas said they approached the city last fall with the proposal to build in phases rather than all at once, adding infrastructure as needed.

“They’re just feeling out what Cheney can handle,” he said. “It boils down to economics 101.”

Copper Basin developer Steve White said they plan to put in a model home first and perhaps a few spec houses, but will pretty much build as homes are sold.

“Pick your floor plan, pick your colors, pick your lot,” he said.

Most of the homes will be single-level dwellings. White said they are still working on pricing, but expects homes to vary from $190,000 to the high $200,000 range, with an average somewhere around $220,000 to $240,000.

With groundwater conditions becoming more conducive to construction, Lucas said the next utility install for the city would be extension of a main sewer line. White said they hope to have the phase one infrastructure done by July, with homes hopefully being sold and built beginning in August and occupied before Christmas.

Lucas said the only access for Harvest Bluff will be from Betz for now, with access created from Murphy Road coming around phase four. Increased traffic on Betz was a concern expressed at meetings on the development in 2008, and Lucas said right now the plans are for an enhanced crossing, including flashing lights, at the corner of North Sixth Street and Betz.

Copper Basin will also enhance an existing wetland on the property, turning it from a seasonal wetland to one that is year-round. Lucas said the wetland will serve as drainage overflow for stormwater, with extra water being pumped in during the summer months to maintain its year-round status.

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