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Cheney should have accommodations for disabled

Letters to the Editor


Community members have sometimes complained about their brand new clothes being ruined due to the huge puddle of mush that comes around every winter and spring due to rain and snow.

The bottoms of pants get soaked along with a strange white line which remains on the back of pants until it is thoroughly cleaned.

However, that is a minimal concern in comparison to the experiences that come with mobility problems for the disabled.

Why do people portray helping people in wheelchairs as a bad thing? Of course, the issue at hand is the fact that some feel that asking for help is uncomfortable. It is an understatement if people in wheelchairs get stuck as being acceptable.

However, raising awareness to the community gives a chance to become more aware of issues that handicaped people face. Eastern Washington University has been praised for the accommodations provided for the disabled. Disability Services has a sharp eye on the students of EWU as they keep a list of names of students in wheelchairs, a list of where they reside, and where their classes are. I can’t speak for the accommodations being provided for the disabled community outside of EWU.

The community could agree that the city needs to hire more employees along with more supplies to plow sidewalks and create better drainage. With the student population growing quite rapidly, changes are occurring all throughout the university. EWU is proving it upholds the the slogan “start something big” but I can’t speak for the city.

However, big things start in little places.

The remembrance of the cold winters and rainy seasons in Cheney run through the veins of fellow Eagles and community members throughout the year.

The annoyance of wet feet is not what the community enjoys waking up to.

With the increase of staff and supplies being the solution to the problem, it seems that the start to something big with regards to the disabled and mobility, is only few steps away.

Shivneel Mani,



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