May 22, 2014 | Vol. 118 -- No. 5

Keeping the community warm - stitch by stitch

According to Joanna Morris, you have to be a little loose to join the Twisted Sisters.

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John McCallum
Members of the Twisted Sisters knitting group pose behind a table full of hats, scarves, mittens and blankets at their May 10 meeting at Cheney\'s Sessions Village.

Not that kind of loose. Loose as in not having a penchant for making your quilt stitches too tight.

One Saturday a month, Morris and other members of Twisted Sisters gather at the multipurpose room of Cheney's Sessions Village to talk, enjoy a potluck lunch and knit. The women, and a few men, knit just about anything - blankets, scarves, baby sweaters, gloves, mittens and toddler/children's sweaters.

"Anything that provides warmth," Morris said.

The group began in 2009 after Morris's son received a knit b...

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