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ML makes smooth transition into contract with SCRAPS


Medical Lake has seemingly made a smooth transition after they entered into a contract with Spokane County Regional Animal Protective Service (SCRAPS) for animal control services.

The city approved the contract in December 2013, with a 3-2 vote and services started in February. The city had previously been in a contract with Spokanimal, but they decided to go a different direction because the organization no longer offered animal control services.

“The only other options were either hire our own animal control officer, which would have cost the city more than the $11,000 we are already paying for SCRAPS, or have no animal control in the city,” City Administrator Doug Ross said.

Ross said residents initially complained because of the $25 cost to license their pets with SCRAPS, but there have not been any complaints in regards to services. He added that SCRAPS would come out to the city during all hours to handle animal control issues.

“The advantage is that SCRAPS will come out to Medical Lake if someone has a complaint no matter what time it is,” Ross said.

Medical Lake is the latest city to enter a contract with SCRAPS. The agency entered into agreements with cities such as Spokane, Deer Park and Fairfield back in January. SCRAPS director Nancy Hill said Medical Lake currently accounts for one third of 1 percent of the calls they receive.

“It’s small, but we’ve gone on some calls, impounded some animals and conducted some investigations,” Hill said. “But because Medical Lake started later, the number may go up over time.”

Hill said several Medical Lake residents have called to ask for information about licensing services, as well as SCRAPS’ spay and neuter program.

“A lot of citizens are happy to have a full service like this,” Hill said.

Ross said SCRAPS also provides brochures and education materials at City Hall for residents.

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