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Adding recycling bins will help the community

Letters to the Editor


I would like to bring to attention the lack of recycling bins in the Spokane/Cheney area. Items that could be reused are taking up unnecessary space in our landfills. Not only would adding recycling bins help the environment, it would also help the community by adding jobs and saving money.

According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, employment in green jobs and services accounted for over 3.1 million jobs in 2010.

As environmental awareness increases, the need for green practices and employees does as well. Recycling not only employs those who pick up materials, but also people who refine and manufacture them into new products.

Recycling can also save the community money by taking advantage of tax credits offered as incentives to go green, selling recycled materials to manufacturers, reducing the frequency of garbage routes and decreasing landfill fees.

The need for recycling bins in the Spokane/Cheney area is great, but so are the rewards. Though there would be a financial obligation in beginning a widespread recycling program in the area, it would benefit the community and environment. In my opinion, any opportunity to help the environment and community at the same time should be taken advantage of.

Audrey N. Audette



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