May 1, 2014 | Vol. 118 -- No. 2

Cheney High School releases winter honor roll

Cheney High School released its winter 2014 honor roll.

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4.0 GPA — Shelby L. Beedle, Brittany T. Bingaman, Alysa R. Creel, Samantha R. Dias, Jesse G. Gill, Aimee C. Jenkins, Shekenah A. North, Dallin M. Olson, Nathan D. Passey, Olga S. Pavlova, Chelsea E. Shepard, Johanna M. Sherman, Elica C. Starr and Aurora D. Wallace.

3.9-3.5 GPA — Kyle A. Barsness, Matthew A. Scott, Charles J. Steele, Kamren A. Waite, Breeann M. Wilson, Destiny J. Thomas, Bailey D. Towey, Samantha L. Ayotte, Mckenzie L. Bissell, Delrae K. Danielson, Christina M. Frantilla, Xavier K. Meyer, Courtney Schwen...

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