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Airway Heights preps for Exotic Metals


The city of Airway Heights is taking its first step in preparing for the Exotic Metals Forming Company LLC’s (Exotic) manufacturing plant.

At the April 21 legislative meeting, the City Council approved a task order to Century West Engineering for the McFarlane Sewer Extension Project in the amount of $27,260. The sewer line will serve the manufacturing plant, which will be built on the end of Lawson Street on McFarlane Road. The line will extend from the facility to Russell Street where it will tie into city of Spokane’s overflow.

The council approved the interlocal agreement between Airway Heights and Spokane to provide sewer service to provide the discharge point for the sewer line from Exotic.

Construction on the facility is scheduled to begin late spring or early summer and is expected to be completed by next year.

The council agreed to renew the cooperation agreement with Spokane County for Community Development Block Grant and related funds between Spokane County and Airway Heights for the federal fiscal years of 2015, 2016 and 2017.

The council looked at the first reading of Ordinance C-831, Water Leak Mitigation.

Under the ordinance, a leak would have to be inspected by a member of the Public Works Department to determine that it is outside of the property before it is taken to the water leak mitigation committee.

The ordinance would also award mitigation for a resident who has a leak that costs them $500 on their utility bill. Cases where the amount is between $500-$2,000 would go to the committee.

The mitigated amount for cases would be based on the length of time a resident has lived in the city. For someone who has lived in Airway Heights for over a year, the committee would use the previous year’s period of billing as the mitigated amount.

A resident who has lived in the city for less than a year would have the average from the previous three months billing used. If citizens have lived in the city for less than three months, the committee would use the base fee plus 1,000 gallons for each person in the household.

Clerk-Treasurer Richard Cook said he had made some changes to the draft. He said he added a section that mitigation would cover both residential and commercial properties. He also said that amounts over $2,000 would not go to the water litigation committee and residents would have to request a utilities dispute.

Roger Neal, loss and prevention coordinator for the Association of Washington Cities (AWC), presented plaques to executive assistant Daneka Keith and James Wendt for completing the required courses in the AWC Workers’ Comp Retro Program. The program has 12 courses designed for professionals to increase their safety knowledge and help them create programs.

The City Council approved the second reading of several ordinances: Ordinance C-819, establishing a fund for the city’s Transportation Benefit District (TBD), Ordinance C-826, creating a short-lived asset reserve fund, Ordinance C-828, Affordable Housing GFC Reduction and Ordinance C-829, adopting domestic cat management into the city’s municipal code.

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