April 17, 2014 | Vol. 117 -- No. 52

Washington's Science Olympiad puts students' ideas to the test

A little over 50 years ago the Ideal Toy Company introduced a board game called Mouse Trap.

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Paul Delaney
Interlake High School Science Olympiad participant George Sun prepares his demonstration as judges Norris Brown, Mark Haiar and Cameron Bennett observe.

And while the hundreds of students who gathered at Eastern Washington University last Saturday for the 2014 Washington Science Olympiad state tournament may have never even seen the game, let alone play it, for those who do recall it, there might have been some childhood flashback moments for parents and others.

"The goal is to create a Rube Goldberg type of device that does a chain-reaction," advisor Shem Thompson said of his Interlake High School in Bellevue team that was one of 40 teams taking par...

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