April 10, 2014 | Vol. 117 -- No. 51

Genealogists unite to support and encourage

"Genealogy is like a puzzle, you take little bits here and there and put it all together," Don Seamen, a Family Search Center Volunteer, said. "Solving the mystery is the exciting part of genealogy and family history work."

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Lynette Hagel
Participants at the "Remembering Generations Family History Symposium" will hear from experts on a variety of genealogy subjects and will also get top-notch advice on resources and how to trace a family history.

On April 26 the fourth annual "Remembering Generations Family History Symposium" offers a chance to learn more about how you can solve your own family mystery. Experts and beginning enthusiasts are invited to come together and share their knowledge about genealogy and family history techniques. This thrilling detective work, which often requires you to provide factual...

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