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Airway Heights CPR classes gives public emergency aid preparation


Al Stover

EWU students Macey Brown and Whitnie Whitman practice compressions on a mannequin during the April 5 CPR and First-Aid class.

Eastern Washington University student Macey Brown practices 100 compressions on a mannequin. Once she is finished, her friend and Whitnie Whitman takes over and begins pushing on the mannequin.

Brown and Whitman were two Eastern Washington University students who attended the April 5 CPR and First Aid class, presented by Airway Heights Park and Recreation Department. The city will hold two more classes in 2014 to teach people the basics of how to perform CPR and administer first aid in emergencies.

Stephanie Regan, a member of the Airway Heights Fire Department, taught the class. Regan has had her teacher certification for the class for a year and enjoys teaching others.

Students went back and forth from watching a tutorial that showed basic CPR maneuvers to practicing on the mannequins. Regan said these steps will help them in case they come across an emergency.

"This is so they can help someone they come across on the street or anyone at the workplace," Regan said.

Students who completed the class earned their America Heart Association Heartsaver Card.

Whitman works for the city of Airway Heights. She said she took the class not only as a requirement for school and work, but also to brush up on her knowledge and skills. She had previously taken the class before her license expired.

"I work with a lot of youth and elderly so it's good for me to have this knowledge in case something happens," Whitman said.

Brown is going through the class for the first time. She and Whitman are in Eastern's therapeutic recreation department. She believes everyone should have knowledge of first aid.

"You never know what type of emergency situation you will be in," Brown said. "It's good to have this."

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