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By Luella Dow

Federal Way native plans life around international mission

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Amy Rademacher/Contributed

Amy Rademacher poses with two of her students, Hanbee (left) and Yeeun (middle) from the month-long English camp (Vision Camp) in Florida this past January. The photo was taken at Disney World's Animal Kingdom.

Have you ever paused in your busy life to think about the person who happened to sit beside you during a meeting? Or how about the one who gave you a smile in the crowded elevator? I met an interesting young lady in church and by the time we said goodbye, I had information for my next "Cabbages and Kings" column, and a new friend.

Amy Rademacher, who lives in, Federal Way, is attending college at Moody Bible Institute in Spokane. Her goal is to become an overseas missionary.

"Originally I intended to plan short-term mission trips," she said. "Youth Missions International sent high school kids after eight and eleventh grade to mission trips in the summers to Plains, Troy and Noxon, Montana. I talked to them about short mission trips overseas. I thought of one week or two weeks excursions and made plans."

One day a surprise was waiting for Amy, the phone rang. A voice said, "We need someone to go to China for two months in the spring." Amy had to arrange her schedule to graduate from high school early. She started fundraising for her trip and preparing for the challenge.

After five months of hurrying to be ready, the phone rang again. "We need to talk to you and your family. China won't work, can you go to South Korea in the summer?"

Amy changed plans again and got a job to raise more money. She went to South Korea for two months, working with the missionaries in that area. Their goal was to reach the hearts of young people, with an emphasis on Awana.

What is Awana? All over the world its friendly message captures the attention and reaches the hearts of many. Awana means "Approved Workmen Are Not Ashamed." It touches children and youth in many ways as it provides fun while introducing them to Jesus. Their families can be assured they are safe while in the caring hands of Awana teachers.

Awana includes games, team competitions, Bible studies, music, outings, lots of laughter and friendships. Even beginners at the age of 2 can attend. Young people in high school are welcome. And Amy? She is working with the missionaries in South Korea, putting her heart into each day.

"It was cool, really cool," she said.

Back in the U.S., Amy continued the work she loves. South Korea sent 60 students to Florida for one month to study English and the gospel.

"We took them to amusement parks," Amy said. "Disney World, Sea World, Kennedy Space Center and other places."

During this summer Amy will be in Florida again through Youth Missions International, interning for inner city youth. She knows the challenge. She knows there are young people wanting someone to reach out to them, to care for them and guide them.

"I know God has a plan for me," she said. "He's preparing me for something." Amy Rademacher, your enthusiasm is catching.

Luella Dow is a Cheney-area author. She can be reached at


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