March 20, 2014 | Vol. 117 -- No. 48

Cheney sewer rates on the way up

Officials cite need to replenish rapidly dwindling reserves as reason for first bump since 2005

Cheney residents will see something happen at the end of April they haven't seen in over nine years - their sewer rates go up.

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Brittani Montecucco
Sewer rates for cities in Spokane County are shown above, as well as average county and state rates.

The City Council approved an ordinance March 11 raising sewer rates $5 for the remainder of 2014 for all users and another $3.25 in 2015, pending a review of the city's wastewater treatment plant flows. The ordinance takes effect 30 days after passage.

The last rate increase was in 2005, from $25.71 to $27.06 for single family residence. At the time the city was paying off its $10 million debt for construction of its wastewater treatment plant as well as enjoying a...

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